The Minister of Education honors Sama Aden Schools for obtaining first place +A in the ministerial classification

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Honorably obtaining the first rank A+ in the ministerial evaluation of private schools, which is the highest-ranked school among private schools in Aden Governorate, by the Joint Ministerial Committee, as well as the Ministry of Education and the Aden Education Office, His Excellency the Minister of Education , Mr. Tariq Salem Al-Akbari, received the award, together with Mr. Badr, Assistant Deputy Governor. Aden, Brigadier General Mohsen Al-Wali, Commander of the Security Zone Forces, and Undersecretaries of the Ministry. of Education, Mr. Muhammad Lamlas, Dr. Abdul-Ghani Al-Shawdhabi, and Dr. Dina Sadaqa, Aden Sky Model Schools received the honor shield from the Ministry as the best private school in Aden Governorate.

His Excellency the Minister expressed the pride of the Ministry of Education in such educational institutions and the successes they have achieved at the national and regional levels.

He emphasized that investment in the field of education has a national dimension, which the Ministry pays attention to and encourages, underlining the need for private schools to commit to creating appropriate educational environments for our students.

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