The security and military forces in Abyan are the security valve of the governorate Written by Dahmas Muhammad (Abu Mersal)

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When we talk about the security and military services, our armed forces, and our southern resistance, this increases our pride, pride and pride in the efforts made by our brave security and military forces and our heroes, especially in Abyan Governorate, represented by the forces of the Abyan Security Administration, the Security Zone forces and the forces of the Abyan combat and military axis, and the heroic and cohesive role they have demonstrated. All together and proving that they are the safety valve of the county to achieve security and stability and confront all terrorist and extremist forces and sabotage cells and standing before the enemies with all strength, determination, confidence and ability.
The most important thing with these efforts and coherence after the achievement and excellence in security work as a team in Abyan Governorate for our forces is the success in strengthening, protecting and maintaining our internal front, which has become very cohesive, and the increase in awareness . and strengthening of our Abyan and southern national unity.

That is why it is important for us and it is our duty to strive that all of us, especially in Abyan, be in this county as a body, not separated from the biggest traitor or enemy, so that we support the efforts of our security. and military forces, join hands and strengthen our internal front, preserve those achievements, heroic and overwhelming victories that broke the strength and influence of the enemies and their tools, and bury projects. And the dreams and intentions of the forces that hate the brave Abyan; and the fatal issue of the South.

This is very important, and it must be done by everyone, which is to maintain what was mentioned, and ensure security, stability and public tranquility, and support our security and military forces in cooperation with them, and line up and line up and support the efforts of the heroes of our forces to give energy within more of their role and efforts to consolidate the foundations of security and stability, and respond to any crisis, and continue the fight to eradicate evil and terrorism from… Its roots prevent acts of extremism and fights crime in all its forms and manifestations, including recent achievements and widespread praise in controlling smuggling operations and arresting hashish and drug dealers.

The Security Zone and Security Squads in Abyan Governorate were able to eradicate this dangerous pest that was foreign to us and limit its spread. Many of the dealers of these drugs have been arrested, and they have come out to warn and educate people about their disastrous effects, focusing on the young southern generation that aims to exhaust our youth and generations in the country. The quagmire of these deadly and devastating diseases manufactured by forces hostile to the people of the South and their just cause within the systemic wars both disgusting and malicious. series which the people of the South and their brave forces face and continue efforts to completely remove them, and were it not for this, the heroes of our forces would stand like a sword before these disasters at every entrance. security point, the dreams of the enemies would come true and we would be invaded by these politicized phenomena..!

It is no less compelling for everyone today, especially the people of Abyan Governorate of all sects and segments, to feel such tangible successes and efforts, to feel what the security and military forces are doing in Abyan, and we always find the enemy and its. tools are hiding in this county, and its many enemies are advocates of rebellion and division, in which they have not left us. Our situation every time after their legions and gangs receive severe blows in the battle of honor, dignity and freedom to cleanse the earth. , the arrows of the East, and the success of our southern armed forces to defeat terrorism and break the dream of those who want it, Lapin remains dead, a refuge, and a swamp to drag his sons in and break their bet.
With the strength of truth, determination, determination and great sacrifices paid by the heroes of our forces and our brave security men of the Security Zone forces, the Abyan Security Administration, and the forces of the Abyan Military Axis, and the formation of this tripartite a national alliance led by the Director of Security, Brigadier General Abu Meshal Al-Kazmi, the Axis Commander, Brigadier General Mukhtar Al-Nubi, and Brigadier General Haidara Al-Sayyid, the commander of the Abyan Belt, which was shattered because of this. body, the coherence, and the sincere determination, all despicable conspiracies, machinations and machinations, and all their attempts in the coming will be thwarted by our joining hands with them and standing together before all political enemies, lurkers, and the malicious conspiracy of some, who bet on falsehood to try to undermine that solid will and one body that cannot be torn asunder a body that is bound together by a heart, a mold, a purpose and a destiny. This is our southern armed forces today, which have become the safety valve and the strong fortress of Abyan especially and the south in general, through which everyone feels and seeks… The arrows of the East and all their stages were launched and achieved great success and gained the popular. an incubator to establish security and stability. They washed away all our pains and diseases and eradicated germs and extremist cells in The body, drying up the sources of terrorism, and restore the health of this province. Let’s keep its good health today. and support the efforts of its members (leaders) who will always and forever be the protectors of its body against any dangers and will not allow the repetition of any old scenario or cooking..!

A message of thanks also to the heroes of our forces and our southern resistance on the battle fronts. They are an integral part of those forces and they are the protectors of the motherland, the land, honor and religion. The watchful eyes are the ones who guard us and the security and stability of our country.

Preserving this achievement and the sacrifices of our heroes is dear to us and precious..! Whatever the challenges, security difficulties or ongoing conspiracies, they will fail, blow with the wind and be buried. The way to defeat them is through the honor of the profession, giving everything dear and precious for the sake of the nation, and preserving its gains, achievements and victories, through determination, awareness and moving at a constant pace, and our belief in the power of truth, vigilance and awareness of the covenant and responsibility that is our only choice. no neutrality, compromise or retreat from the path traveled by our heroic martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the desired goal and to build the security and military institution. We exchange loyalty with them, because of our belief in the cause of the south, and in compliance ; of the precious sacrifices to clean up Abyan and protect its security and stability. The heroes of our forces will face all who try to play the game. Or step on the wound and move forward with greater coherence and interconnection and an unyielding will to break the dominance of the forces of the former regime and its helpers on the way. We stand firmly behind our senior political and military leadership represented by Major General Aidaroos bin Qasim Al-Zubaidi until all the national goals set are achieved and the path of the martyrs and the people of the South is released in liberation of the entire territory. His homeland and the restoration of the full sovereignty of his southern state.

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