The Southern Journalists and Media Syndicate discusses the enlightenment and journalistic role of the Arab and international thinker, Prof. Abu Bakr Al-Saqqaf

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On the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the glorious National Independence Day, the Southern Union of Journalists and Journalists organized today, Sunday, at the headquarters of the Union in Al-Tawahi District in Aden, a symposium entitled “The Role of the Arabic and International Thinker Prof. Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Saqqaf in Spreading Enlightenment Thought in Journalism.”

Veteran journalist Razia Shamsher, some journalism and media students, and a group of interested media professionals and journalists participated in the symposium.

At the beginning of the symposium, the head of the Southern Journalist Syndicate, Aidroos Bahashwan, gave a speech in which he touched on the stages and stages of the Arab thinker Al-Saqqaf, through which he faced the Sanaa regime and the reality. of tyranny that overwhelmed the south after unity, the war of invasion and the occupation of the land of the south.

Bahashwan said that the thinker Al-Saqqaf had the courage in his journalistic presentation and spoke about the reality that the south is experiencing and what will come in the future in light of the unity of tyranny.

Researcher and historian Najmi Abdel Majeed, head of the branch of the Union of Writers and Authors of the South in the capital, Aden, presented a discussion document in which he dealt with the journalistic and militant roles of the thinker Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Saqqaf, because the historian Najmi spoke about the personality and biography of this Arab thinker and his attempt to spread enlightenment thought in the north during the reign of Afash because he saw and touched another reality ruled by the tribe and not the law. The thinker collided with this reality, which does not accept that thought, and this test exposed him according to what we touched it. The symposium led to harassment and persecution until imprisonment.

In turn, the distinguished journalist Razia Shamshir spoke about the most prominent stages of the enlightenment struggle, which was led by the great thinker Abu Bakr al-Saqqaf in the face of the Imamate and tribal regime controlling the south.

Professor Nasr Baghraib, deputy general secretary of the Southern Journalist Union, also referred to the personality of the thinker Al-Saqqaf and the style of his enlightening journalistic presentation.

Baghraib demanded that the University of Aden take the books and theses of the Arab thinker Al-Saqqaf and adopt it as a curriculum because of their political importance in the history of the South in the past and future.

The symposium witnessed interaction and discussions by the attendees about the journalist activist Dr. Al-Saqqaf and his journey to the south and the tribal regimes that ruled the south from the perspective of the imamate and the tribe.

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