The team of the Cultural Forum of Adeni meets with the Director of Security of the capital, Aden

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On Monday morning, November 20, 2023, a team from the Aden Cultural Forum met with the Director of Aden Security, Mutahar Al-Shuaibi, in his office in the temporary capital, Aden.

Together they discussed the role of society in Aden and cooperation with the security forces, strengthening the relationship between the security services and citizens, breaking the barrier between them and reducing the spread of drugs, intoxicants, corruption and crime, in order to achieve comprehensive security in Aden.

They discussed together the results of the work in the seminars held by the forum, on the dangers of carrying weapons, fighting drugs, and establishing the spirit of law in Aden, and the Director of Security received the documents, decisions and recommendations .

The discussion included important issues in the security of Aden, the crimes that are happening today, issues of tribal reconciliation, and the effect on the city of Aden.

The Director of Aden Security praised the awareness-raising role played by the forum and its working team, and promised that there will be joint work, and the presence and support of security leaders for the activities of the forum.

The meeting was attended by Ahmed Nasser Humaidan, President of the Forum, Dr. Salwa Mubarak, Councilor of the Forum, and the representatives of Abdo Radman, the Financial Officer.

The meeting was hosted and attended by Brigadier General Khaled Abdo Muhammad Al-Zaidi, Director of Moral Leadership and Relations, Aden Governorate Police, and a member of the Cultural Forum.

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