The United Nations Representative for Human Rights in Yemen praises the level of cooperation and coordination with the local authority in Hodeidah

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The representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Yemen, Mr. Renaud Detal, expressed his great satisfaction with the level of cooperation and coordination with the local authority in Hodeidah, to protect human rights in the governorate.

This happened on the second day of his visit to the liberated areas south of Hodeidah. He was received by the First Undersecretary of the Hodeida Governorate, Walid Al-Qadimi, together with the Director General of the Governorate Police, Najeeb Waraq, and the Director General of the Governor, Anwar Burji, in the city of Al-Khokha, the temporary administrative capital of the province, to review the humanitarian conditions and human rights. People in the province.

After the meeting, Mr. Renaud Detal visited the Police Department of the Al Khawkhah District, in the presence of the chief prosecutor of the governor, Judge Muhammad Al-Dahni, and heard from those arrested in various criminal cases, a detailed explanation of their conditions. He visited the public health and population office in the governorate, and was received by the Director General, Dr. Ali Al-Ahdal, who presented him with a comprehensive report on the health situation and the nature of the required needs, and visited the seat of the training course for social workers attached to the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in the county.

At the end of the field visits, Mr. Renaud Detal met with victims of mines planted by the Houthi militias and people with special needs in the physical therapy center in Al-Khawkha.

The meeting was attended by the Commander of the Special Forces, Colonel Sadiq Attia, the Director General of the Al-Khawkhah District, Salem Alyan, the Director General of the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in the Governorate, Adel Mukarshab, the Director. -General of the Office of Human Rights in the Governorate, Fathia Al-Maamari, the Director of the Executive Unit in the Governorate, Jamal Mashra’i, and some members of the local authority in the Board.

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