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My people are no different from the people of Moses, they have an innate readiness for slavery, humiliation and humiliation, and to change their religion just as they change their clothes.
Moses left to meet his Lord in an immortal journey of faith, which has its evidence in the course of history. His people left their religion, disillusioned and in love with the era of misguidance and clear polytheism. His Excellency the ruler Sheikh left Shabwa, and their a trembling electronic Samaritan quickly announced the coup of legitimacy against him. There is no comparison between the Prophet of God and one of His pious servants except on the basis of the comparison between his followers, who share a love of humiliating life for its owners, an addiction to humiliation for themselves and the people, and a race to. replace what is inferior with what is better.
And because Moses was a prophet sent to change the humiliation of the Israelites and deliver them to kings on earth, and God favored them above the worlds, and Sheikh Awad, the son of the minister, is a governor who works alone day and night for Shabwa , its pride, and the rise of its status at home and abroad, and it is just around the corner to move to a new stage in its life, and in every way. Upper Egypt, but my people, as usual, are unfair to themselves and love a life of backwardness and clear loss. They do not care about development, progress, or the development of a county, and they love its backwardness, as I mentioned in some department, and lovers of oppression and persecution. , hunger and poverty.
The conservative Sheikh meets with the Minister of Transport to resume the operation of Ataq Airport, and he struggles and struggles with the fronts of the wind and the impossibility of establishing legitimate rights for Shabwa that have disappeared over the years, and the sale of debts, so that the hum of their flies reach the horizons, and when this insect, which loves and loves dirt and lives on it, will have an opportunity, and its preferred strength will remain until the Day of Judgment. You will not find any change in the Sunnah of God.
I am almost certain that the man loves to serve you, not your authority, and has an ambitious strategic vision to set the parameters for the true advancement of Shabwa’s present and shape its future. Some of them are in the process of implementation, such as projects to complete the infrastructure and urban infrastructure of the capital of the county, the beautiful city of Ataq, and the University of Shabwa, which is preparing to lay the foundation stone for the first academic building in its university campus, and what is within reach and in the near future, such as the gas station and oil refinery projects.
The question that imposes itself at the heart of the article is whether the people of Shabwa, once in their history, can unite as they deserve around their strategic interests, which they would not know how to achieve if the governor Sheikh did not assume. the reins of the county. I am sure that His Excellency will leave the scene with conviction and satisfaction after the achievement of the great and hopeful historical transformations. In the life of the county and its history, we are only a stone’s throw away from it, and he ready to hand over the governorship to his successor on a golden platter covered with great achievements, and that will help him achieve the rest of the aspirations of the people of Shabwa. May God fix their condition, ease their mind and give them good. He is powerful over all.

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