Tribe Al-Din: Any insult to the symbols of Hadhramaut will only be a free service to the enemies

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Special.

The Al-Din tribe declared its full solidarity with Sheikh Amr bin Habrish Al-Ali, and its condemnation of any targeting of Hadhhramaut legal figures or abuse of them.
A statement issued by Sheikh Omar Salem Al-Hamzi Bamsdus Al-Dini, the Sheikh of the Sheikhs of the religious tribes, said: (We followed with great regret what we saw on some social media sites about the call of the national and legal Hadrami). personality, Sheikh Amr bin Habrish Al-Ali, head of the Hadhramaut tribal alliance, of the head of the Hadhramaut Appeals Proceedings).
He emphasized that this issue, which violates the legal frameworks and competent authorities, has caused annoyance and dissatisfaction with a wide segment of the people of Hadramaut, because it is considered a dangerous precedent aimed at provoking disputes and dividing the single Hadrami ranks. that everyone is looking for at this important time in the history of Hadhramaut.
The Al-Din tribe indicated that any insult or disobedience against the national figures and symbols of Hadhramaut will only be a free service to the enemies of Hadhramaut.

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