Vice President of Lahj University for Student Affairs inspects Nasser College of Agricultural Sciences

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Lahj (Aden of Tomorrow) Specialty:

The Vice President of Lahj University for Student Affairs, Dr. Wael Al-Subaihi on Sunday morning, Nasser College of Agricultural Sciences in the university, during which the first level students gathered.

He delivered an orientation speech in which he expressed his overwhelming happiness for the students’ interaction with the educational process and their commitment to the regulations, wishing them success and fruitful academic achievement.

During the visit, he also inspected the field training students and graduation projects, pointing out that field training and graduation projects are an effective way to help the student acquire new skills and abilities that he did not possess, and these skills enable the student. to expand his concepts, because it is the first experience for the student by applying what he learned in the theoretical side.

He explained that Lahj county has several economic components, the most important of which is the agricultural sector, for which it has been famous since an early age, adding that the agricultural memory of Lahj contains many successful and effective experiences to support the development process.

Al-Subaihi pointed out to the students that the community looks forward to the contributions they will make in their field of specialization, to continue learning and scientific and cognitive development, and to be ambassadors for their university.

At the end of his inspection visit, the Vice President of the University thanked the Deanship of the College, represented by Dean Dr. Mazen Al-Kazmi, and his deputy for student affairs, Dr. Walid Mohsen, as well as the evacuated college professors, students and staff.

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