What does Al-Houthi want?| Written by Khaled Salman

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Events of failure exploded from among the wreckage of fragile hopes, and the birth of Riyadh collapsed without a vision of a viable solution, and without a working document to emerge from the twilight of nine years of heavy war that destroyed all of Yemen.
Al-Houthi reneged on his previous agreement on the formula of a pre-political solution, that is, building confidence through a series of economic steps that could bridge the gap between the parties and establish a ground on which the building blocks could be laid. -Houthi escaped from everything and returned things to a point where the negotiation starts, not from where it started. Agreeing on it, but from the point of pre-agreement consultations.
What do Houthis want?
The new spokes he has put in the wheel of the solution are his insistence on full control of public finances, delivery of oil and gas revenues to his group’s treasury, transfer of the central bank to Sana’a, and rejection of proposals that attempt to seek financial finance. mechanism through an Arab mediating party for a temporary period, and joint administration.
From the beginning, we knew that Al-Houthi is not a peace group, and that war is the source of his legitimacy, and that every compromise pushes him one step closer to his death, even if the results of the solution are in his favor. .He is a pre-state component that believes in a racist imam, and refuses in form and content any name for the state or even a formal partnership.Leading and not disputed by authority.
Al-Houthi is aware that the climate of peace will overturn the rhetoric of war, push people’s rights to life to the forefront and put him in front of a vast popular movement that will overthrow him, not with the tools of force, but with the duty to fulfill the tasks of the state and obligations.
Al-Houthi believes that escaping into battles that affect the feelings of ordinary citizens, like insignificant throws here and there under the name of defending Al-Aqsa, gives him the right to dictate conditions and confiscate the rights of all parties, and adopt . the rule that whoever has the power has the right to own everything and exclude opponents.
On the table are ambiguous questions after Al-Houthi rejected all peace initiatives and rejected even his previous approvals. Questions related to how to deal with this neurotic mind, and whether the international and regional community still sees in him a political group with a national agenda. , or a war machine and a source of concern for the security of the region and the world?
In light of the answers to those problematic questions, the method of dealing with it will be determined, and it seems that the only method left to be discussed is to confront the arrogance of power and neutralize the risks, recharacterizing it as a rogue. terrorist group, with all the possibilities that this means to return to the choice of war.

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