Why Sheikh Awad, son of the minister?!!!| Written by Omar Al-Har

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Sheikh Awad Ibn al-Wazir is a name of gold. He has the lion’s share in the present and history of Shabwa, and a position that no one will reach, and with which no one in the world can compete. Even if you count the pages. of his glories and qualities, you will not count them. Member of the House of Representatives, Governor of Shabwa, a tribal sheikh of caliber. Weight, prince and heir of the Rashidun Sultanate, son of a minister. He and group. of his cousins ​​are considered among the first graduates of Cairo University in Yemen. These few qualified young people worked on constitutional amendments to the system of the sultanate, and his father, the martyr, may God have mercy on him, led the first agricultural reform. a revolution with a scientifically mature way of thinking, before the revolution of the red gypsies of the south.
Shabwa is the biggest loser, first of all, because of the absence of this prominent national figure from its leadership, God forbid. He personally is the biggest winner for himself and his clean history, if the cheap promise of allegiance is true. He may feel. a calm conscience to bear the responsibility of the county honestly and sincerely, and he is the one who looks at it with great fear to describe it. What is terrible is of God, Glory to Him, and man bore it. He was unjust; and ignorant.
The well-known economic expert, His Excellency Mr. Abdullah Masrour, asked a valuable question in his comment on my article yesterday, with the tag (they are not different…) and the question directed to the leadership of the Presidential Council and the government, I believe, is: Why the governors of Ma’rib or Taiz do not change, while there are intentions to change the governor of Shabwa, who has the vision? The clear strategy?!!! My answer to him came in a few words: We are the curse of God on earth, and if the angels had come to judge us, they would have stoned them with stones. We adapt what Nizar al-Arab said, oscillation and esotericism. , we are unclean, we are prostitution, and we are the other side of the people of Moses, peace be upon him, as I mentioned in my article. The male nose.

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