With funding from the Direct Aid Society, Yemen Office… conclusion of the free medical camp for ophthalmology and surgery in Ordofan

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Radfan (Aden of Tomorrow) by Majdi Al-Akhram

Today, Monday, November 20, 2023, the Eye Medical Foundation, in partnership with the Al Ain Specialized Clinic for Eye Medicine and Surgery, concluded the free eye camp in the Radfan District, Lahj, performing cataract extraction and lens implantation operations.

Inspections were launched at Radfan General Hospital on Tuesday, November 14, and within two days, more than 1,800 patients were examined and 460 surgical operations were booked for those suffering from cataracts, while operations were inaugurated on Thursday, November 16. from November, at Dr. Saleh Specialist – Radfan
Over a period of five days, 402 cataract extractions and lens implants were performed after patients who were unfit to undergo the operations, who suffered from high blood pressure or diabetes, or who suffered from eye infections, were excluded.

The medical team worked with dedication, diligent effort and kindness to the patients. Medicines and glasses were distributed to all who performed the operations, and they will be followed up at a later time according to a pre-prepared plan.

A group of eminent ophthalmologists, Dr., participated in the camp. Saleh Hassan Zein, head of the medical team
Dr. Hussein Al-Nafili, Ophthalmology Consultant
Dr. Hussein Yazji, Ophthalmology Consultant (Syrian)
Dr. Giab Othman Sabira, Ophthalmology Consultant
Dr. Muhammad Yahya Al-Aro, Ophthalmology Consultant
Dr. Muhammad Mohsen Al-Abjar, anesthesiologist
And an elite group of technicians skilled in eye operations.

It is noteworthy that there are many other cases that require lens and cataract implantation operations, but completing the required number of the support body prevented them from treating them. We appeal to the support and funding body to repeat such camps in Radfan.

The camp inauguration was attended by Dr. Raed Al-Muzahimi, a member of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council and a leading figure in Radfan.
Likewise, Brother Muhammad Al-Shuaibi, General Deputy Director of Camps Administration at the Ministry of Public Health and Population.

In conclusion, we thank everyone who contributed to the success of this camp, and we thank the Health Office of Lahj, as well as the local authority in the Radfan districts, the health offices in the Radfan districts and the General Radfan Hospital for overcoming the difficulties and making this camp a success.

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