Workshop in Aden on participatory innovation of behavior change communication messages for child nutrition

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Aden (Aden of tomorrow) special.

The activities of the Participatory Innovation Workshop for Behavioral and Social Change Communication Messages for Child and Young Child Nutrition, organized by Humanitarian Access for Partnership and Development with the support and funding of the World Food Program (FAO) and the sponsorship of the Ministry of Public. Health and Population, began today in the interim capital, Aden.

The workshop, in which thirty participants from Lahj and Al Dhalea governorates participate, aims to participate in creating strategic components with the project’s target group in society, namely mothers and nursing mothers, and to provide them with skills and knowledge related to changing behavior to nutrition for babies and children.

In the opening of the workshop, the Director General of the National Center for Health Education and Information at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Arif Muhammad Al-Hushbi, and Omar Al-Saqqaf, a member of the administrative body of the Humanitarian League in Lahj Governorate, pointed out the need to adopt a positive and awareness-raising message to change behavior that has a social impact in every county… stressing that behavioral change starts from the community because it has a real interest in it and is the main guarantor.

For his part, the project director at the Humanitarian Approach for Partnership and Development, Dr. Muhammad Sufyan, explained the importance of the workshop to raise the level of awareness among mothers and the community to protect children from cases of malnutrition… reviewing the activity of association in that direction and the successes achieved in it.

In addition, Dr. Shaima Mansour of the World Food Program indicated that the workshop aims to give messages that contribute to behavior change events, identify the obstacles that prevent behavior change and empower the trained women with the medical skills and knowledge that will enable them. to work in serving the targeted villages and areas.

Salah Al-Din Al-Muqarmi, media officer for the Preventive Nutrition Humanitarian Approach Project, indicated that participants will learn about a summary of communication for social and behavioral change, approved research on the main obstacles and behaviors, intervention maps, prioritization of activities, framework alignment in the social-environmental domain, development of key messages and communication strategy for social and behavioral change and advocacy. Behavioral change, theory of change and its measurement.

By* Fouad Al-Awsji

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