A Yemeni writer about her book: Women on the Run is a story of homelessness and pain written about Yemeni women seeking a better life.

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Special.

Yemeni writer Najla Al-Omari expressed her regret about what Yemeni women were subjected to as a result of the bloody war years ago.

She said in a blog post on “X,” commenting on her book, Women on the Run: Women on the Run is the story of homelessness, pain and confusion that was written about Yemeni women seeking a better life in other countries.

She emphasized that women fall into contradictory feelings and various conflicts, because they try to maintain the smallest security and stability, but they lose the peace of their soul in a long journey of struggle to obtain legal asylum in any safe country.

Explaining that the book “Women on the Run” is a story about fear, love and difficult, painful choices. They are fleeing war sometimes, and other times, they are fleeing their confused, painful selves.

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