About medical reports Written by Sha’i bin Wabar

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There is no doubt that health personnel with various qualifications, and medical institutions, whether government or private hospitals, as well as pharmacies and clinics, are among the criteria relied on to classify the health system of a country, according to the extent of its quality and the extent of their commitment to implementing security laws.
Any imbalance that occurs in the health process as a result of mistakes made by medical personnel or health institutions can cause the decline of the country’s health system, compared to other countries.

One of the ugliest forms of medical imbalances that have appeared is the issuance of fictitious medical reports, which the medical staff and the health institution take turns paying out for a small amount that does not satisfy or alleviate hunger, under weak pretexts and justifications like this. such as obtaining a passport or vacation, etc.
I am not focusing here on whether or not it is permissible for the person who owns this report, as much as I am focusing on the courage of whoever issued and verified it and the religious, moral, legal and professional responsibility that entails .

Many medical reports are available for beggars and we do not know how reliable they are or not, which made questioning the integrity of these institutions and their frameworks a prominent issue.
In conclusion, I ask the competent authorities to assume their responsibility by monitoring these institutions and their frameworks and discouraging anyone who tries to harm or disrupt the health system.

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