(Abyan) between tyranny and disobedience| Written by Asim Qanan Al-Maysari

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A very, very long time ago, our prophet Moses, peace be upon him, fell between the disobedience of his people, the Israelites, and the tyranny of Pharaoh and his companions, he was not saved by a plot made by Pharaoh. or his ministers, or encountering a sin committed by the foolish people of his people. Thus, our Lord Almighty told us their stories as a lesson and a warning, not a warning. For history, because a great book like the Heart. ‘an is a living book for every time and place and is not specific to its previous origin or story that has ended. Rather, the remembrance in the admonition contains a benefit. God Almighty says (So remember, for remembrance benefits the believers)

The situation in Abyan today is not very different from what happened in ancient times and nations. We take a lesson and moral from what happened to them in a way that exists in every time and place with the same personalities that were characterized of tyranny and corruption on earth, and the issue is no different from the social aspect regarding the correct integrity of the people of the earth as was the custom in ancient times “in past peoples.” Therefore we conclude from this phenomenon that every nation has appointed people. from God from between their backs and from the same labor and what their hands have reaped. If the peoples or those nations are characterized by righteousness, then there will be nothing in their head but something good and those who are better than them and righteous and just in governance. And if the defect is in the people themselves, there will be authority. May God protect them against the evils of themselves and their families because of what their hands have reaped. All those who are today in the list of corruption; and the people of decision-making in Abyan are among its people and did not come from far away. So when there is silence about eating your salary or collecting food for your nutrition and your most important needs, send peace to the world and not just demand that the situation should be corrected. Because the alternative will be more cursed than before, and this is a phenomenon that we have been experiencing for years.

We want to remind you that in times when it was intended for Abyan to be straight and appear in decent appearance, with level buildings, compact ranks and a community in which decision-making was among its people, this thing actually happened. That is, the phenomenon of justice in society and the rulers is not a miracle, if we really wanted to reconcile today in something. For God to improve our conditions and give us power over those who fear Him among us, in past time. and at the beginning of the battles of ideologically-driven terrorism, the Lawdar district, big and small, rose and resisted, rose, and came with supplies, so the neck of terrorism was broken forever in Abyan and at the level of all. of Yemen for the rebuke of the structure of his satanic regime, which was exposed before… Rightly so, and for the next ten years, the Lawdar District continued to sing about this victory. On the other hand, the situation was in the Abyan Delta, the capital, Zanzibar, Jaar and its surroundings. When the interest was personal, there was a political struggle for money, influence and interests, and between those who provided their services to international companies and the princes of corruption. at the expense of the people of Abyan. The simple people, their security and their stability. When ideological terrorism began to ruin it, its streets and its government institutions, everyone stood in the position of a silent observer. We did not see that sincere solidarity to defend the land and to face these sabotage gangs, so each of these people went into a state of reconciliation and security for themselves, leaving Abyan, the capital, being eaten by dogs, and some do not know today. The term “insure myself and my family” never applies except by insuring the whole society, rich and poor

The clear contradictions witnessed by Abyan throughout the life of the conflict require an honest and sincere attitude, and so that we don’t forget: “Before a time when Abyan wanted to lead the military and security side in all the governorates of the south, and in particular Aden , the situation was different from what it is today, because the future of the international security file was a candidate to lead the military brigades in the south and the security elites from Aden to Al-Mahra, instead of the futility that those areas are witnessing today, led of Abyan. The beginning was sincere, when a group of military leaders in the people’s committees decided to take lead and take over the Aden security file. What was like the alternative capital at the time, but what happened later is what I mentioned in the title of the article , that Abyan as a whole is always a victim between “tyranny and disobedience” between the tyranny of its leadership and its officials who always forget themselves “at the first opportunity they get to take over the reins of any thing after the sacrifice of the honorable .” From them, the will of those leaders is transformed from wisdom, high thinking. , and their livelihood, which they used to eat from above their heads, to look later what is under their necks, and the official among them becomes desirous of luxury, fat food, qat, praise, excess, jokes and hypocrisy. This is tyranny. and disbelief in grace, and the individual among them becomes the poor citizen who sees his rights lost. From a state of giving, giving and health to a state of disobedience, and this is the biggest problem that always carries. the noblest of the earth and man because of “tyranny and disobedience.”

If we had the best, the precious opportunities would have been lost from our hands, from the beginning of the people of Abyan taking over the security and terrorist file in Aden, Abyan Lahj, before the war, until the hour after Abyan left the scene. from Aden completely, after they made up 70% of the state, the security, the army, the presidential protection and the security forces. Private, and because the defect is always present, if it was not a state of tyranny and disobedience, you would be a substitute for the security forces formed from Al-Dhalea and Yafa today in Aden, Abyan and Lahj from the security zones and the elites, so don’t blame the situation and blame yourself, because the opportunities came to you peeled and ready thank you. to the sacrifices of the honorable people, but you did not know their value. And others were more clever, so in conclusion of my message, you must be agitated because of the past two precious opportunities that you missed, otherwise you will repeat the mistakes. The third is fixed, and it is the one that will divide your back and the back of any father, if the phenomenon of tyranny and pharaonicism among the political, governmental and military elites continues with corruption and unjustly consuming the people’s money. Know that it will be; disobedience Without a doubt, from those who protect you against soldiers, individuals and citizens, and here the disaster and the victim will always be “Abyan as it happens today, and others are isolated from it, as well as the fate of Abyan. today is decided by the people of other regions, and some of you will return to the zero point from where you started, especially if today’s conflict is in the framework of (Abyan). Some of you, and very few of them, know what the country of Abyan means and its sensitive file throughout its history, which was not ruled by an invader or a tyrant, and did not accept a false rule, and God did not assert his opinion about it from outside the borders of Abyan and its people. violently, and revise history .. No, and a thousand no, and we explained the reason before in several messages to whom. He remembers or fears, and my advice to some:
Eat from above your heads and refrain from unlawful actions and gathering people unjustly, because the good in Abyan will remain until the Hour of Judgment, and falsehood in Abyan will be suppressed, and tyranny in it will be broken, because this is a blessed land. who accepts nothing but good words and good deeds.

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