Al-Amajid sweeps Hisn Shaddad at the opening of the tournament for the late Belaid and Ashour for popular groups in Zanzibar

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Zanzibar (Aden of Tomorrow) Khaled Abbad

The Al-Amajid team swept the competition of the Hisn Shaddad team with four unanswered goals in the opening of the tournament for the late Sheikh Ahmed Wadi Belaid and Mr. Ali Ashour, which takes place under the auspices of the Director General of the Cleansing and Improvement Fund, Mansour Wadi, and under the supervision of the two young men, Salah Wadi and Ayman Ashour, and organized by the young man, Abdel Nour Muslim, and which is hosted by the House Stadium of the Teachers with a system Knockout once .

Details of the confrontation, which was attended by the deputy director of Abyan Security, the vice president of the Hassan club, Colonel Muhammad Fadl Munsar, and the director general of the cultural office, Mr. Hussein Bamatira, the Al-Amajid team was able to hit the first goal at the beginning of the match by the player Abdul Majeed Abdullah, and the player Hamdeen Awad Hassan increased the score in favor of the Al-Amajid to announce the referee of the match. The end of the first session with two goals without an answer.

In the second half, with the coaches of both teams making several changes, control was clear for the Al-Amajid team, the owner of the land, and the public, amid the decline of the Hisn Shaddad team amid some timid attempts who did not pose any threat to the opponent’s goal, so that the player Hamdeen Awad Hassan could score the second goal for himself and the third for the Al-Amajid team, while Player Hassan Awad Hassan added the fourth goal, and the match referee blew the final whistle, announcing that the Al-Amajid team won by four goals to no avail and advanced to the second round.

The award for best player in the match goes to Hamdeen Awad Hassan, a player from the Al-Amajid team.

The match was managed by the refereeing team consisting of Moaz Al-Khader, assisting on the lines, Ammar Baamer (Colina) and Mr. Ali Abboud. Ali Shubel commented the match.

The meeting was attended by Aziz Shediq, director of the Zanzibar Post Office, Mohsen Mater, adviser to the director of the Zanzibar Education Office, social figure Muhammad Hamid, Nabil Wadi, nephew of the deceased, Ayman Ashour, son of the deceased, and a large audience.

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