Al-Majd Women’s Association in Al-Hosn organizes a solidarity ceremony with Gaza

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Khanfar (Aden of Tomorrow) Special

Al-Majd Women’s Association in Al-Hosn held a celebration for female students at Abdul Rahman Al-Ghafiqi Girls School in Al-Hosn
Solidarity ceremony with Gaza

A number of students and parents of course participants participated in the solidarity ceremony

On the other hand, the party was prepared by the General Secretary of the Al-Majd Al-Settlement Association in Hisn Bin Attia, Mrs. Enas Al-Humayqani.

A play was held for the students to express the massacres that took place in Palestine, including the killing of children and the destruction of buildings, on the heads of the people without any mercy.

On the other hand, Association Al-Majd participated in detailing the Palestinian flag in Association Al-Majd, in solidarity with the people of Palestine and standing by their side.

At the end of the solidarity stand of the students of the Abdul Rahman Al-Qafiqi school in Al-Hosn, he appealed to those present to the Arab and Muslim countries to take a serious stand on the Palestinian issue and stop the massacres being carried out against the people of the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

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