Al-Tilal is doing a training session in the street after being prevented from entering his stadium

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

The first football team of Al-Tilal Sports and Culture Club, the dean of the Arabian Peninsula and Golf clubs, conducted its training this Tuesday afternoon in the street opposite the club’s headquarters in the Al-Qatee area after the security forces commissioned about protection. Ma’ashiq Palace prevented them from entering the stadium of the club.

The Al-Tilal first team was scheduled, as usual, to do training at their stadium in the Haqqat area in preparation for the seventh round match that will bring them together with Al-Rawda Club on Friday afternoon, but the security forces demanded the presentation of a list of the names of the players, according to an operational report received by the force, although the management of the club previously presented a special list. The names authorized to enter the stadium of the club more than once.

Despite the presence of the club president, Colonel Arif Ahmed Yerimi, and the director of the Sirah Directorate, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Jaradi, and the numerous communications made by the chief of police of Crater, Colonel Nabil Amer, unfortunately the team could not enter the stadium, so the technical staff decided to arrange training in the street opposite the club headquarters for more than half an hour, and after communicating with the technical staff of Al-Minaa Club, who trained in Al-Hubaishi Stadium, shared the stadium. half of half

For its part, the management of Al-Tilal Club extended its sincere thanks and appreciation to Al-Minaa Club for their cooperation.

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