American official: The attack on the Galaxy Leader ship indicates Iranian training

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The Associated Press quoted a US defense official as saying that the attack launched by the Houthis on the ship Galaxy Leader indicates that they received training at the hands of a professional army, which could be Iranian forces.

The agency reported that two intelligence firms found that the tactics used by the Houthis are similar to those used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to seize ships in recent years.

The two intelligence companies also reported that the seizure of the ship Galaxy Leader gives the Houthis the ability to negotiate according to the method of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) when it arrested about 240 prisoners in the Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on the 7th of October, due to subsequent negotiations with Israel.

The intelligence firm Embry said the Houthi attack on the ship shows their ability to disrupt commercial shipping, which they did not have before, adding that this suggests an Iranian role.

The Associated Press reported that the ship belonging to Israeli billionaire Abraham Unger passed last Sunday, before being arrested, in front of the Iranian cargo ship “Behshad”, which is subject to US sanctions and is suspected of playing an espionage role, according to satellite. pictures

“Behshad” arrived in the Red Sea from the Eritrean “Dahlak” archipelago in 2021, after Iran removed the “Safez” base, another suspected intelligence base that was damaged in an attack attributed to Israel.

Yesterday, Monday, Iran denied any connection to the attack on the Galaxy Leader ship.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said the accusations against his country are false and come as a result of the complex situation facing Israel, adding that he has repeatedly said that resistance groups in the region only represent their countries.

The Associated Press indicated that Houthi weapons have been greatly developed in recent years, without mentioning how this happened.

She explained that this makes the Red Sea, which stretches from the Suez Canal in Egypt to the Bab al-Mandab strait, which separates East Africa from the Arabian Peninsula, a danger to shipping.

The American Soufan Center for Policy Studies warned that Houthi interference in commercial shipping in the Red Sea would lead to American intervention because of its political and economic consequences.

An American analyst said that if there were another attack in the Red Sea that would cause the death of Americans or Israelis, it would increase the risks of a widespread war breaking out on the seas.

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