An alliance of Shabwa tribesmen succeeds in containing a murder case in Wadi Bel Harith

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Shabwa (Aden of tomorrow) Specialty:

Under the directives of the head of the Shabwa Tribesmen Alliance, Sheikh Faris Al-Khubaili, the mourner in Belabid, efforts led by Sheikh Ali bin Al-Hajri, representative of Shabwa Governorate and deputy head of the alliance, led to containing the murder case . between the Shafalit and Hanifa tribes in Wadi Belharith and extinguishing the fire of strife between the two parties.

Where the Shafalit tribe was judged in the blame, and the fire of strife between the two tribes was extinguished.

For its part, the leadership of the Shabwa Tribesmen Alliance expressed its thanks to the Shafalit and Hanifa Belharith tribes for their response, and called on them to be patient and not fan the flames of strife among themselves.

This step taken by the leadership of the Shabwa Tribesmen Alliance has been widely praised by the people of the county who have affirmed their support and backing for all the movements undertaken by the alliance that aim to quell strife and renounce revenge in Shabwa Governorate which has long had . was an obstacle to the building and prosperity of the Shabwani people and the development of the governorate. .

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