An important Arab Muslim delegation in Beijing. The Palestinians do not want destruction and victims in Lebanon!!| Written by Rami Al-Shaer

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The ministerial committee designated by the Arab-Islamic Summit is starting an international movement to stop the war against Gaza, while the foreign ministers of the member states headed, today, Monday, to China, for a two-day visit, after which they will arrive. in Moscow, as the start of a tour that includes a number of important countries.
The committee hopes to convince Western countries to change their position in support of Israel, and push them to put pressure on it to stop the aggression that has been going on for more than a month against the residents of the Gaza Strip.
The summit, held in Riyadh, on November 11, assigned the Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Faisal bin Farhan, in her capacity as president of the Arab and Islamic summits, and the foreign ministers of Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria and Palestine, as well as the general secretaries of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, to start immediate action. In the name of all member states to formulate international action to stop the war on Gaza, and to press for the launch of a serious and real political process to achieve a lasting and comprehensive peace in accordance with the relevant international references.
But what I noticed around me was the confusion in Palestinian, Arab and international opinions, assessments and positions regarding the situation in Palestine and the neighborhood, and what I sometimes see as disappointment among some, and resentment of others with what they seen as abandonment. of duty, and the need to “open the fronts of countries neighboring Palestine to support the Palestinian resistance.” And others call for Iran to participate directly in the fighting, even prompting some to hurl accusations left and right of collusion, betrayal, and neglect.
I am not exaggerating when I say that this confusion, or “loss,” if you will, is not limited to ordinary citizens, but sometimes extends to politicians and diplomats, many of whom live in a state of anxiety and loss of compass, and even loss of confidence in the rules, laws and traditions of diplomacy and international politics in the face of what they see as an inability. Scandalous international to influence the cessation of Israeli crimes against humanity, crimes that no longer even require investigation, as they are; documented by audio and video in real time, with naked eyes, and with testimonies of workers in international institutions affiliated with the United Nations, World Health Organization, and others, who sometimes contact me asking about… How could all this happen at the beginning of the twenty-first century on such a scale, and why does the United Nations not respond to the massive protests in most countries of the world against the ethnic cleansing and genocide to which the Palestinian people are subjected?
I would have liked to answer them that the one who commits these crimes today is the same one who liquidated millions in Japan, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and the United States of America, regardless of the hand that is. actually carrying out the oppression on earth, and regardless of who participates in it. The main responsibility in all this falls on the American administration, but I hesitate to answer, saying only that it is a disaster committed against my Palestinian people, and we Palestinians are condemned, it seems, to sacrifice thousands so that the world can wake up. up from its current miserable reality and the inability of the international community to eliminate it. About international terrorism and the crimes committed by the United States against entire peoples and countries.
On the other side of the world, US President Joe Biden met with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in a meeting that lasted four continuous hours, in which Biden tried to convince the Chinese president to leave Russia against huge temptations for economic cooperation, which can be summed up by sharing the world wealth between them, and as soon as he left… The meeting, and in a press conference, again described the Chinese president as a “dictator”. It seems that he could not convince him, and the Chinese president immediately became a “dictator” for him.
Does Biden describe this as the result of the desire of Xi Jinping, and another “dictator”, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who shares the supremacy of justice and respect for the sovereignty and rights of all countries of the world and their freedom to choose their national path ? seeking prosperity regardless of their size, geographic location, wealth and resources? Or did he describe it that way because Xi Jinping insisted on the trends of the current world order towards multi-polarity, and ending the control of the US banking system and the US currency over the world economy?
I am always optimistic about the victory of the front of Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa (the BRICS countries), together with the countries that have recently joined the organization, in transforming the world into multipolarity. I am sure that all attempts to stop this objective historical process will fail, and I do not expect that China and Russia will retreat or be defeated under any circumstances.
I also see that the current crisis in Palestine is expressive, revealing and scandalous, as if it were the straw that broke the camel’s back. That crisis cannot end except through the end of the current tense international situation. No one can now to stop the current American administration from continuing to liquidate our people in Gaza and the West Bank. Even if that administration resorts to some “humanitarian pauses”, as they call them, in the face of pressure from the masses of the international community, the American administration, in the hands of Israeli state terrorism, will continue its evil plan. The war will not stop, and the conflict will not stop except with the emergence of an administration that recognizes and accepts the new world order, which will restore the role and prestige of the United Nations, and then it will be possible to talk about implementing the decisions of the new Security Council of The UN, apart from the one controlled by Washington and its followers, a Security Council that represents all the continents, and whose decisions are taken by majority without the American veto.
Today we face a decisive, historic moment for the future of humanity, in which our heroic Palestinian people stand before the Israeli-American machine of oppression, defending not only their country, honor, honor, past, present and future, but also defending , at the same time, the values ​​of humanity, justice, civilization, truth, goodness and peace. That is why the issue is very sensitive, and much bigger than any Arab or Iranian interference. The crimes committed by Washington in Palestine, and I repeat, Washington, and not only Israel, are desperate and miserable attempts to stop the transformation of the world from unipolarity to. multipolarity Israel is aware, and Netanyahu is well aware, that in the new international atmosphere, all this arrogance and sick ambitions will end with the continued dominance of American Zionism over the world.
Russia is at the forefront of this conflict by starting its Russian military operation in Ukraine, because stopping NATO’s eastward expansion was the spark that ignited these global confrontations between the reactionary forces that cling to the unipolar world and the progressives. forces that move the world forward towards multipolarity. . Without the victory of Russia, China and the BRICS group, our Palestinian people cannot achieve their full national rights, so the main issue today remains how to alleviate the suffering of our heroic Palestinian people, which is the task today entrusted to the ministerial committee. assigned by the Arab-Islamic Summit.
As for those who hold Hamas responsible for the casualties and destruction, I say to them that the people of Gaza themselves, as we see from their video recordings, have decided to redeem Al-Aqsa and liberate the land with their children, children and mothers. , and whoever does not understand that still does not understand the essence of the Palestinian cause and the Arab-Israeli conflict, the conflict of the stolen land, Which will only end with her return. Today, this sacrificial spirit receives support and support from all over the world. The Palestinian issue has returned to become the main issue at the world level, and the blood of our righteous martyrs will not be in vain, as it flowed in the waterfall of the blood of all Palestinian martyrs for 75 years.
We, as Palestinians, are a people who love life, but do not fear death, who love peace, but hate injustice. We thank everyone who stands today and supports our struggle and comforts us, but we did not want and do not want destruction for anyone, especially Lebanon, who has done so much for our cause and for our Palestinian people. We are fully confident that our sacrifices, steadfastness and broad public support for our struggle will preserve our national rights fully, with the disappearance of Zionist-American and unipolar hegemony, which will happen, God willing, within the next year or two.
The rapid developments we are seeing indicate that the United States and its Western followers aim to finally eliminate the Palestinian problem, because they consider that efforts to solve the Palestinian problem in a just way are the key to the transition and acceptance of the multipolar system. of the Middle East and the Arab countries. I am not exaggerating here when I say that the current US administration and its followers have taken This decision to challenge everyone, using fleets and even nuclear weapons to prevent the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, and to consolidate complete hegemony over the Arab world and subject it completely to his will.
The information I have seen indicates that it goes beyond that, because Egypt and Jordan are now threatened with starvation and bankruptcy, they are threatening Lebanon with destruction, and they are threatening the Gulf states with economic sanctions. That is why the meeting of the ministerial committee visiting China today is very important, especially in relation to time and purpose, as an expression of the principled position of the summit conference of Arab and Islamic countries. The Palestinian issue is not Palestinian, but rather a general Arab, Islamic, international, humanitarian issue, proven by legitimate decisions of the United Nations, and any manipulation or neglect of this is completely rejected.
Washington and Tel Aviv will not be able to achieve what they aspire to stop the radical transformations in the world.

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