Anker launches Nebula Capsule 3 and Mars 3 Air projectors that support portable Google TV devices

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launched Anchor Recently My device the offer Mist Capsule 3 And Mars 3 Air, Ol He preaches In the afternoon new of technology entertainment portable.

Get ready This is amazing Devices innovative By repetition identification method that We are watching With it the movies And programs television And another that a lot, where It is characterized by With features amazing Its a distinction on Another one in world Devices the offer portable.

And you are proud company Anchor That My device Mist Capsule 3 And Mars 3 Air They first Devices an offer portable of Google TV Supplier With technology Netflix compact, Ol He provides experience broadcasting smooth in appearance compressed.

And now, maybe For users enjoy With content the favorite They have of while service Google TV And the library The wide that Its progress Netflix, And everything that in comfort Their hands.

to include Devices the offer this is amazing Provided precisely amazing She informs 1080 pixel, No worries clear And lively to experience to look Immersive. Availability the battery strongly 52 Watt in the hour Included in This is amazing Devices Two hours And a half of time employment the movies, Ol to allow For users enjoy In sessions entertainment extended without anxiety about Outside energy.

He provides Mist Capsule 3 climax shine achievement to 200 Lumens And supports limit Al-Aqsa For size the screen and he 120 inch, while takes Mars 3 Air a step Another one to Forward of while compatibility with HDR, Ol to produce Pictures It arrives Show it to 150 an inch And it is distinguished Bright It arrives to 400 Networks.

like Characterized device Capsule 3 With a magnifying glass voice One With ability 8 watt, while He is working device Mars 3 Air on to improve the game With amplifiers voice strongly 8 Watt And support Dolby Audio, Ol He provides experience acoustic rich And immersive To continue visuals amazing.

come on both The two devices Providers With focus automatic, And to avoid obstacles, And fitness the screen, And tools review deviation, Ol Guaranteed that practical preparation Quick And empty of problem.

And supports Devices too Technique Bluetooth 5.1 And communication Wi-Fi Double the range, Ol to allow By integration smooth with Devices The other one.

to add registration screen Chromecast And orders acoustic For an assistant Google layer additional of Comforts to experience the user.

Bonus on that Characterized device Mars 3 Air With determination elegant, where She informs Its dimensions 178 x 122 x 133 mm And it’s heavy 1.7 kg, Ol does it easy Pregnancy without the sacrifice Through action.

come on Devices the offer Anker Fog Capsule 3 And Mars 3 Air available now to buy in the states United At a price liberation private capacity 499.99 $ american, any 100 a dollar an american of price Retail business ordinary An adult 599.99 $ an american.


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