Brigadier General Hamdi represents our country at the 56th session of anti-drug officials of the member states of the United Nations

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Kyrgyzstan (Aden of Tomorrow) Ministry of Interior:

Our country participated in the 56th session of anti-narcotics officials of the member states of the United Nations, Brigadier General Abdullah Ahmed Lahmdi, director general of narcotics control at the Ministry of Interior.

The session, which began on Tuesday in Kyrgyzstan, discusses the current state of regional cooperation to address and confront the global drug problem.

The course will also consider topics presented by the working groups, namely regional and international cooperation to reduce illegal cultivation and production of drugs, including alternative development, in addition to financial research, narcotics issues, the role of cryptocurrencies in drug trafficking and related money laundering. , and measures Fight against the illegal manufacture and diversion of chemical precursors, in addition to discussing the link between medicines and the environment.

During 4 days, the course deals with the consequences of the implementation of all the commitments contained in the ministerial information issued in 2019.

At the national, regional and international levels to address and confront the global drug problem, and preparations for the mid-term review in 2024 AD

During the meeting, the members of the Office on Drugs and Crime will be elected, including a President, two Vice-Presidents and a Rapporteur, in accordance with Rule 15 of the Rules of Procedure of the Technical Commissions of the Economic and Social Council.

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