Conclusion of the free medical eye field at the Al-Ain Special Clinic in Ridfan

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Al Ain Specialist Clinic in Ridfan ended on Monday November 20, 2023 AD The work of the free medical camp provided by the Kuwait Direct Aid Society, Yemen office.

Its work was launched with inspections at Radfan General Hospital on Tuesday, last November 14.

Dr. Saleh Hassan Zein, head of the medical team, explained that more than 1,800 patients were examined and 460 of them were booked for surgical operations who suffered from cataracts.

Over a period of five days, 402 cataract extractions and lens implants were performed after patients who were unfit to undergo the operations, who suffered from high blood pressure or diabetes, or who suffered from eye infections, were excluded.

He explained that the medical team worked with dedication, diligent effort and kindness to the patients, medicines and glasses were distributed to all who underwent surgical operations, and their condition will be followed up at a later time according to the plan prepared in advance.

A group of the best ophthalmologists participated in the camp:

Dr. Saleh Hassan Zein, head of the medical team

Dr. Hussein Al-Nafili, Ophthalmology Consultant

Dr. Hussein Yazji (Syria), ophthalmology consultant

Dr. Giab Othman Sabira, Ophthalmology Consultant

Dr. Mohamed Yahya Al-Aro, Ophthalmology Consultant

And a group of the most skilled technicians in the field of eyes.

The inauguration of the activity of the camp took place last Thursday, November 14, in the presence of Dr. Raed Al-Muzahimi, member of the Health Committee of the National Assembly of the Transitional Council, and Brother Muhammad Al-Shuaibi, Deputy Director General of Camps Management at the Ministry of Public Health.

The camp was financed by the Direct Aid Society, Yemen Office, and carried out by the Eye Medical Foundation, with the participation of the Al-Ain Specialized Clinic.

At the end of the camp, Dr. Saleh Hassan Zein thanked everyone who contributed to the success of this camp, the Health Office in Lahj, the local authority in the Radfan districts, the health offices in the Radfan districts and the General Hospital Radfan. to overcome the difficulties and make the camp successful.

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