Deputy Director General of Social Affairs and Labor in Al-Mahra launches emergency aid to families affected by Cyclone Tej in the governorate

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Al-Mahra (Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

Deputy Director General of the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in Al-Mahra Governorate, Mr. Salem Sweilem, inaugurated emergency aid for affected families, which comes with funding from the International Rescue Committee and implementation of the Field Medical Foundation (FMF), for those affected by Hurricane Tej in Al-Ghaydah and Haswain districts in Al-Mahra Governorate.

The General Deputy Director of Social Affairs and Labor in Al-Mahra Governorate, Mr. Salem Sweilem, confirmed that we will provide all the facilities that contribute to the success of interventions by organizations and institutions working in the humanitarian field, praising the role of the local authority in the county and the efforts made to alleviate the suffering of affected citizens.

For his part, a member of the Relief Committee and Director of the Executive Unit for Displaced Persons in the Governorate, Mr. Abu Bakr Salem Bin Brik, thanked the FMF Field Medical Foundation for implementing the project and the funding of the International Rescue Committee for the shelter materials they provided , and we in the Governorate Relief Committee say that there are still affected families in Al-Ghaydah and Haswain districts in need of materials. Necessities, whether food or shelter.

The project aims to provide emergency intervention for 700 affected families divided into Al-Ghaydah and Haswain districts, by distributing bags of non-food shelter materials.

The inauguration was attended by Mr. Nasser Saad Saeed Bakrit, deputy director general of the Office of Planning and International Cooperation, and engineer Saleh Al-Buraiki, Coordinator of the Field Medical Foundation (FMF).

It is noteworthy that Hurricane Tej hit a number of districts in Al-Mahra Governorate last month, and Haswain is considered the most affected district because it happened in the eye of the tropical storm, causing many injuries and serious damage to infrastructure, both private and public property

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