Draft of marginalization and belittling.. and speak without embarrassment Written by Ali Hassan Zaki

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The people of the South have made enormous sacrifices and faced the harshest and most severe unjust military occupation wars, intrigues, conspiracies and mass genocidal wars of living and service since 1990 AD Until now. They remained, and still are, and will continue. adhere to their principles and adhere to their goal and right to restore their southern state with complete freedom, sovereignty and independence on the 1990s borders. .

In a free life and a decent life, he is the master of his land and the owner of his national decision and the wealth of his country. On that basis the Transitional Council authorized its representative, and neither it nor its representative can accept. anything less than that, and what is without any southern issue having a special path in any future compromise or negotiation. In some cases, if not, some representative must return to it, because they – the people of the South – have the right and the final word in determining their fate and the fate of their subsequent generations.

Al-Ayyam newspaper published in its number 7847 of Thursday 11/16 an outline and conditions of the comprehensive political solution in Yemen, divided into 3 stages and as shown in the conditions of each of its stages.

The tasks of the first phase, which lasts three months, included a number of tasks, including: “To allow the legitimate government to export oil and gas, contribute to cover the payment of salaries, and the shortfall in the salary budget will be borne by Saudi- Arabia,” meaning the salaries of Houthi employees and the wealth of the south, and “forming an economic commission to develop a vision.” A comprehensive review of the financial and economic situation in the country, and “formation of a military and security committee to raise a complete view of the security and military file,” without mentioning who constitutes it!

The tasks of the second phase, which lasts from 3 to 6 months, stated: „Dialogue and negotiation between the Houthis and the legitimate government – and the Transitional Council did not mention the importance of the tasks! – to agree on the nature and management of the transition phase, determining the security and military situation and the exit of foreign forces.”

The tasks of the third phase, which lasts two years, were declared as a transitional phase during which “an expanded Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue will take place to include (all the various political components!), and the transitional accordingly became (a. component like the rest of the components! ) in which: controversial issues, of which the most important are (the form of the state), weapons, and institutions are discussed.” And (the southern issue!!) and transitional justice according to the compensation law.” The southern issue was absent and became only a controversial issue, because it is a central issue, the issue of people, nation and state, with clear and unmistakable marginalization and contempt.

A post by political analyst Khaled Al-Nasi on the “X” platform stated an accurate description of this, and its summary of its content: “The Transitional Council will not be an independent component representing an independent people and cause, but rather it will be a component within legitimacy , and the southern number will be like the rest of the other numbers,” and as said. In the publication that newspaper Al-Ayyam republished in the number and date above.

It was stated in an article by Qasim Abd al-Rab al-Afif, published in the newspaper Al-Ayyam on Saturday 11/18 under the title (Transfer of the Republic to the Imamate and transfer of the South to the Sultans): Sana’ a chose its ally and the South will choose its ally, and as said in the article, who is – the ally – we were referring to in the article. It was published by the newspaper Al-Ayyam on Tuesday 10/31, entitled ( (Forces and interests is the title of today’s world)), who stated: “The transitional government may not yet have achieved a strong and effective international ally to support the South in times of need, similar to the Soviet Union in the days of the State of the South.”

In this context, what is unfortunate is that all this is happening while the South is in the worst stage it has ever experienced until the days of Afash, as described by the researcher in the Russian Academy, Dr. Ali Al- Zamki, and published by the newspaper “Al-Ayyam” in a previous issue… Thank you and thank you to Al-Minbar Al-Hur, newspaper “Al-Ayyam” “The ancient country, for being updated on developments, with high journalistic professionalism, and national concern for the South, always speaks for itself, and God is the thing before and after.

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