Fighting corruption in Abyan!!| Written by Hussein Al-Baham

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Corruption is a social plague that has spread like wildfire throughout the entire body of the southern counties, and its devastation is devastating, and fighting it is a national, religious and moral duty for everyone without exception. This will not be possible for us, unless there is. a social awakening that supports this national action without prejudice with one group against another, far from political over-proposition and settling narrow scores with… each other.

*-* Yes, we notice, recognize and admit that there is corruption in the corridors and agencies of the state due to the deliberate absence of law on the part of the authorities. If the political authority was present with its edge and sword, some would not; dared to set up collection points and scales along the roads. Here are the illegal collections that exhausted them. A citizen in his daily life.

*-* Therefore, from this national and religious point of view and the living conscience that moves us, when misfortunes intensify, we must stand before this corrupt empire and which stands at its head strong without fear or shame… and show at him with the finger. if we really have a national conscience that is faithful to our people and will not go. In our fight against corruption with ineffective tools in political decision-making to create a side focus of conflict, it will not give the citizen any return or economic help. by which the sufferings of the bereaved can be alleviated. Rather, it will increase that suffering and create a social rift in this county whose bleeding cannot be stopped.

*-* Yes, corruption spread on land and sea until it formed a great empire ruled by the princes of corruption in the supreme authority of the state. Because of this, all groups and segments of society must stand together to fight this a social scourge. which has cast its shadow over the living life of all of us.

– Therefore, I say that we must leave the leadership of the civil and military governorate in Abyan, which tries to live under the mask of the transitional and which has no power or power, and we address the parties controlling the decision and responsible for security and stability and to provide a decent livelihood to the people of the southern counties, to distance the governor from any political or regional conflict that she intends to lead to. You fall into it.

*-* Here I repeat and say that corruption and who supports corruption is clear to all who want to fight it and hold accountable and persecute those who stand behind it, so that the proverb that says: “Who is yours Well done, O Ali Bathail,” said Ali Khawi Amsaghir.

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