First Deputy Secretary of Taiz Governorate: The projects of the Saudi Arabian Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen are strategic

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The First Deputy Secretary of Taiz Governorate, Dr. Abdul-Qawi Al-Mekhlafi, described the visit of the Saudi delegation of officials in the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen to Taiz Governorate as a mission at this time , because it looks promising. prospects for the besieged governorate for the ninth year in a row and opens the door to strengthening areas of cooperation with brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the development program. And the reconstruction of Yemen through the strategic and essential projects that it implements throughout Yemen . .

Al-Mikhlafi added in a special statement to the newspaper Okaz that the visit of the program delegation to the city of Taiz, in addition to the great importance it represents, also carries many implications and meanings to embody the bonds of brotherhood that connect the two countries . , Yemen and the Kingdom, during which the Kingdom provided continuous support for decades of cooperation. Partnership, brotherhood and one destiny that binds the two countries.

He said that Taiz Governorate attaches great importance to this visit of the brothers in the Kingdom, through the delegation of the Saudi program, because it reflects the interest of the brothers in the governorate so that it enjoys the implementation of many development and essential projects, and it puts the program officers in front of a live picture of the conditions of Taiz up close and its need to implement essential and strategic projects. .

He showed that there is a great peculiarity to Taiz Governorate, which from the beginning stood against the Houthi project and thwarted all its plans to control all parts of Yemen, and the military and humanitarian support of Saudi Arabia was very important in support. Taiz from the beginning and embodied the bonds of brotherhood and continuous cooperation.

He said: Our dear Saudi brothers, we have all our thanks, appreciation and gratitude for their efforts, presence and contributions in various aspects in Taiz and the rest of the governorates and regions, especially in terms of the service, development and humanitarian aspect and the sustainable projects that come through the Saudi program.

Once again, we emphasize that the visit of the brothers in the Saudi Arabian program to the city of Taiz has a very important impact, because it represents great importance and motivation to strengthen cooperation frameworks and contribute to the continuation of work on some important projects, especially in the present time. This gives an impression of the remarkable interest that Taiz bears on the part of the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is beneficial that Taiz attaches importance to the Saudi program, and looks forward to a wide and large presence in the activities of the Saudi program to complete the implementation of some sustainable and service projects for the benefit of Taiz, and also work to expand . the scope of interventions and projects according to the need in accordance with the facts of reality and the public interest of this densely populated city, which lives the reality of the war. The siege lasted 9 years.

The first deputy governor of Taiz Governorate, Dr. Abdul-Qawi Al-Mikhlafi, opened earlier at the end of last week, together with the deputy director of the Saudi program office, Muhammad Al-Yahya, and the director general of the Mashra . ‘a and Hadnan district, Jamal Al-Naqeeb, inaugurated the Omar bin Al-Khattab Model School in the Al-Kashhar area in the Mashra’a and Hadnan district, with funding from the Saudi Reconstruction Program. It consists of 10 classrooms with their annexes

During the opening ceremony, which was attended by the deputy secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Muhammad Al-Mahmoudi, the general director of technical affairs in the governorate, engineer Bashir Al-Alimi, and some political leaders and social figures in the board, the first deputy secretary of the governorate, in his speech on behalf of the local authority, welcomed the brothers in the Saudi Arabian Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen, headed by Engineer Tariq bin Maqbool Al-Zaidi, Director of the Health and Education Portfolio, and Muhammad Al-Yahya, Deputy Director of the Office of the Saudi Arabian Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen in Taiz Governorate, touched on the role of the program and its contributions to many development and sustainable projects… conveying to all the greetings by the Governor of Taiz Governorate, Nabil Shamsan, on this occasion.

Agent Al-Mikhlafi said: Today we inaugurate the opening of the Omar bin Al-Khattab Model Complex and School in Al-Kashhar, Mashra’a Wa Hadnan District, and yesterday we inaugurated the receipt of the Al-Wahda School and Complex in Jabal Habashi, financed by the Saudi Arabian program.

The first deputy secretary of the governorate, on behalf of the magistrate, led by the governor of the governorate, Nabil Shamsan, extended thanks, appreciation, and gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and his Crown Prince. , Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and to the ambassador of the Kingdom in Yemen, Mohammed Al Jaber, and to the brothers in the program, for the efforts they make in many ways. Among the projects is the rehabilitation and care of Haijat al-Abd Road. , the rehabilitation of the buildings of the College of Medicine and the Oncology Treatment Center, and many development and humanitarian projects in the county.

He also appreciated the role and efforts of the program, with the close follow-up of the President of the Presidential Leadership Council, His Excellency Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, in the delivery of the 30 megabytes of electricity in Taiz, of which the specialized engineers. the program began to determine its location next to the Asifra power station.

For his part, the deputy director of the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen in Aden explained that the opening of the school is part of a project to support education and learning through 52 educational projects and initiatives in various Yemeni governorates, in addition to 226 development projects and initiatives in 8 sectors.

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