Fragments of conscience 6| Written by Walid Al-Halmi

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When you read all the publications published on social networks, you conclude that everything they write, publish and share their opinions about is mostly a conflict that is drawn between party and regional nerves, which I believe does not help in building the nation .

When all the colors come together and unite, they give the color white after each color gives up its position because of that union.

When man produces more waste than he produces on the soil of the nation, this is a problem for which the mind is primarily responsible!

Most people here have a revolution in their head and are looking for a field for it

Tell me about the sincere people whose women consumed their land through corruption

We hope to emerge from the state of “political chaos”, the peasants’ term for throwing grains into the dry ground and being buried with them, perhaps.

A society that does not even produce food for its stomach continues to march for its ambition!

There is no free pen, no free official, and no free leaders, and yet they all seek freedom for which the martyrs make their sacrifices.

No one will be able to take your destiny and your livelihood, and no one will be able to build a prestigious position for himself because of a pile of fraud on which he climbs.

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