Friendly… the youths of Hassan Club defeated the youths of Al-Darjaj Club

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The junior team, led by coach Hussein Naoum and assisted by Marwan Abdo “Abu Hanzala”, defeated the competition of the junior team of Al-Darjaj Club in the friendly match that brought them together at the stadium of the late Nasib Awad “Al- Baladiya” and was attended by the General Director of the Youth and Sports Office in Abyan, the able captain Ahmed Saleh Al-Ra’i.

In the first half of the match, the two teams refrained from scoring, ending goalless. In the second half, the players of both teams rallied and brought out their creativity so that the Hassan Club player, Mohamed Saleh, could score the first goal , while the junior team of Al-Darjaj team adjusted the result, so that the two teams would then try to hit the winning goal, and that is what was achieved for the junior team of Hassan Club, where Their player, Mohamed Al. -Bas, scored a very impressive goal from outside the 18 line, and the match ended in victory for the youths of Hassan Club with two goals against a goal for the youths of Club Al-Darjaj.

The meeting was attended by the Hassan Club, general secretary Saleh Salem Abu Al-Shabab, Hussein Mabrouk’s assistant, action officer Captain Amer Al-Kaila, and Salmeen Mabrouk’s assistant.

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