Humanitarian Footprint initiative distributes solar ovens to poor families in Abyan

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Abyan (Aden of tomorrow) Specialty:

The Humanitarian Footprint Initiative in Abyan Governorate has started distributing solar ovens to poor, marginalized and displaced families in Khanfar District.

Engineer Rami Al-Malih said that the initiative will distribute thirty solar ovens to the targeted families within the district as a main objective of the Humanitarian Track initiative, which has worked to implement a number of projects supporting poor families.

He added that all the stoves that will be distributed were produced by women who were trained in how to make them in a training course that entered the activities of the Mirrors of Peace project funded by the Yemeni Affairs Unit at the American Embassy and supervised of AMIDEAST.

Ten women from different areas in Khanfar District underwent intensive training courses for more than a month in the field of solar oven production, during which engineer Rami Al-Maleh took over the training task after his success in proving its effectiveness as a safe alternative to. domestic gas

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