I want you to be a warrior!| Written by Sabri Afif Al-Alawi

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Finally, she said it, after eight years of waiting; When she wished to herself that some husband would get an academic title, this is what she told herself. Yes, he will be a distinguished academic. This is how he told me during our engagement, how excited I was for today. Suddenly I shouted at him , while he was busy reading a book on crisis management. He wrote In Bayad’s draft of this title, How to manage crises, a comparative study between the capabilities of both (America and Israel) on the one hand and (Hamas). on the other hand, her voice rose to the point where she repeated, saying, Make the most of the remaining years of your wasted life! We were tired of waiting, he looked into her eyes, the anger almost turning them into embers! She kept screaming, I want to live!! Enough is enough!! Stop your endless illusions and dreams.

She got too close to his computer and books and kicked her with both feet. He tried to calm her down; But she continued her violence and shouting, “I want you to hear me well today. You have waited years for your nonsense. You must now and not later!! Discover the lie of your dreams, and the falsehood of the claims of your supposed homeland. . It is finished. It has become a zero-sum country and there is no hope for ambition. Do you expect it to be said? “You are unemployed, and that we are a burden for life and even for ourselves and our families. .

will you realize and be sure that the path you took from the first day you entered the university was a sin of life? I don’t feel like living. I’m tired of living in light of the nonsense you write every day .Come and see. Give me your hand. Look at these two young men standing. Look at them closely. Don’t close your eyes. That’s you! You don’t want to be surprised. Did you know them? speak up I know you don’t want to talk, but I’ll tell you the truth. They are the two students who failed the high school exam in your class. Do you recognize them now? He shook his head as he lowered his head. did you see what they achieved during your studies? Look at those two buildings and the two cars parked in the middle of the sidewalk, they are theirs. Look at that bus coming from afar, do you see it? Or have your eyes become blind from reading books? There is a bus to transport their children from those private schools located behind the city. Say, why are you silent? And hard as wood, do you hear? do you understand what IAM is saying? Listen to me and this is the last thing I want to ask for only one thing: ((I don’t want you to be an academic – what I want from you is to be only a soldier!!

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