Instead of running away!| Written by Salah Al-Saqladi

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Who allowed Iran and its arms to dominate the Arab scene, and especially the Palestinian one?
Written by: Salah Al-Saqladi
Several shallow excuses and weak justifications that cannot be accepted by the mind of a normal person, those promoted by those who abandoned support for the Palestinian cause and were guided by the sin and betrayal of normalization and behind peace initiatives that are not worth the value . from their ink of an arrogant state that does not believe in peace and only recognizes the policy of iron and fire, the establishment of colonies and the commission of atrocities for more than Seven decades.
These humble and secret normalizationists are a unique phenomenon, who are surprisingly able to justify and omit treason, deny support for the resistance, and retreat from mere talk of confronting Israel or rejecting it morally and politically, as if this support for Palestine brought shame, while America sends its aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and its billions to the aggressive state (Israel), in a paradox. Terrible and unimaginable. Sometimes they use the excuse that the Palestinians have sold their land and that it is not useful to support their resistance militarily or even politically, and that they are an ungrateful people for the Gulf – we do not know what favor these people are talking about – and another time they say that we have enough wars, with Israel, although most of these people Those who were satisfied with food and drink at packed tables, has not fired a single shot against Israel, nor received a single Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian-Iraqi refugee, or even a single Yemeni on its lands since 1948. war until the Gaza War in 2023. They sent not a single fighter from what they called the Mujahideen to liberate Jerusalem and its blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, while they went on to liberate Kabul is from the Afghans and Damascus is from the Syrians, and again they say that the Hamas movement is not a resistance movement but rather a Brotherhood and Iranian arm that has caused destruction to the people of Gaza, a statement that the Israeli army spokesman keeps repeating.

It is this type of slavers of nations, sellers of values, and brokers of the subjects of the Arab nation, who have vacated the arena in Palestine, the Gulf, Iraq, Lebanon, and elsewhere for powerful and influential regional countries such as (Iran) to control the situation and present themselves as more careful about Palestine and its Islamic sanctities than other normalized and submissive Arabs. This sample is from People are the same people who took the crown of honor defending Palestine from their heads and threw it to the ground for that someone should come and raise it and crown it over their heads in the name of Jerusalem and Palestine.

Those who left the arena to others and chose to withdraw and retreat under the names of conspiratorial defeat and devote themselves to cursing, dancing and belittling the role of the resistance, must hide in shame behind the veil instead of continuing the lies and falsification, and give up their chanting and empty roaring before the parties which they have allowed, by their sheer stupidity, to be the alternative and the force defending the issues. They are filling a vacant space that their owners have left, and these alternative forces have begun to adopt honorable themes like the issue of Palestine, which most Arabs sold wholesale and retail, sometimes in the name of normalization and sometimes in the name of peace initiatives. Because of this Arab stupidity and this shameful position, Iran began to speak in the name of the Arab Islamic resistance and in the name of defense of Al-Aqsa. The honorable, even if it is because of opposition to soft regimes that were defeated by their desires and betrayals. We say that whoever abandons this honor and turns his back on a pivotal, sacred Arab cause as great and sacred as the Palestinian cause and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, has no one to blame but himself, his stupidity and his sterile, inadequate thinking , before he. cursing those who replaced him on the scene as a “lost substitute” or rather a “runaway substitute”.

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