Iranian fantasy horror Written by Abdullah Al-Dab

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When you read the history full of malicious conspiracies to limit the religion of Islam by the Crusaders since the dawn of Islamic history, you learn how to draw conspiracy threads in various ways and shapes for every time and place.
There is no doubt that the struggle between truth and falsehood will continue until the Hour of Judgment. The truth can triumph in an era such as the reading of history, thanks to the wise leadership that was able to dismantle the threads of the conspiracy.
While, on the other hand, the Arab and Muslim nation fell in other eras due to weak leadership at that time.

Today, in the twenty-first century, we live in a conspiracy of what is known today as the West and the Americans (the great powers). The names differed, but the hostile mindsets of the Arab and Muslim peoples did not differ, with the goal to eliminate the Islamic religion, because this began at the beginning of the year eighty AD of the nineteenth century, with which it was known. The war of the Republic of Iraq against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The conflict today that the crusader countries could work on is to create and inflame a conflict between the Muslims themselves, whose sects differ, between the Sunni sects and the Shiite sects, between the Arab and Muslim countries, because it is still considered a success in this that dangerous game.
In light of the response of Arabs and Muslims.

The imaginary terror that these countries are working on is through the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has a Shiite sect, and which has become a threat especially to the Arabs, especially to the countries of the Arabian Gulf adjacent to the state of Iran, which has balanced relationships with the enemy countries, while there are unstable relations with the Arab countries, and in my opinion it is an imaginary terror that works. The crusaders attacked him day and night to show that they are the savior of the Arabs from that dangerous kind of tide.

It is unfortunate that the Islamists of the Shiite sect and the Arabs of the Sunni sect are trying to make this plan a success, which undoubtedly serves the enemies of the two nations independently.
Returning to ancient history and the dispute between those sects, what was the cause of the fall of important Islamic states or empires that threatened the thrones of the empires of the real enemy,

Through this humble reading, is it possible to extend the conflict between the two nations until it consumes each other and thus the enemies enter again to take over Arab land, or do the Arab leaders have political awareness and understand that plan and deal with it in? a way that surpasses the way that the enemies approach?

What is happening today in the Gaza Strip in the occupied State of Palestine is a disappointment for the Arabs and Muslims regarding the brutal aggression that is taking place by the Zionist occupier for almost the second month.
Total destruction and brutal bombing of civilians
To seize control of the sector and divide it into Zionist settlements, with the presence of brave resistance, it cost the aggression many losses.

While, according to information, the Hamas resistance movement provides military support from the Republic of Iran
Because Iran is the imaginary terror of the Arabs, it is the main reason for the disillusionment of the Arabs.
Because the Hamas movement is a movement belonging to the Sunni sect, and because the Arabs do not have the courage to give support to the Palestinian resistance through Western pressure, the movement used the hand of its Muslim brothers to give support to face this. A Zionist enemy that has harmed more than one Arab country.
Unaware of Muslim sectarian differences in the face of a clearly hostile enemy.

The time has come for the Arab and Muslim countries to unite their ways and abandon secondary differences that will only bring them humiliation and weakness.
Before the enemy of the nation and religion, and that their alliance is strength and deterrence to the aggressor
The ongoing motivation is nothing but imaginary terror and a conspiracy plan.

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