Kindergartens in Lahj celebrate World Children’s Day

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The Office of Education in Lahj County, represented by the Kindergarten Administration, this morning organized a festive children’s event in the Sabr Kindergarten Theater in Tuban District on the occasion of International Children’s Day, which takes place every year on November 20.

In a speech by Mr. Tariq Al-Ban, head of the Education Division of the Education Office in the governorate, during which he conveyed the greetings of the Director of the Education Office, Mr. Fahmi Bajash Thabet, to those present, he expressed his “happiness with his children participating in their international day”, emphasizing that these children are the future leaders of their communities, noting the importance of taking care of their rights in Education, health, play, etc., is everyone’s responsibility. He also condemned. in solidarity with the children of Gaza, who are subjected to the brutality of the Israeli occupation.

While Mrs. Rina Al-Koud, Director of the Kindergarten Administration in the Education Office of the Governorate, expressed to (La’Ilam), her thanks and gratitude to the leadership of the Education Office of the Governorate, Mr. Fahmi Bajash , for her sponsorship of the ceremony, her interest in the children, and her organization of this festive event, explaining that it is part of the annual activities of the administration.
The speech of Mrs. Faiza Muhammad Hussein, Director of Sabr Kindergarten, also aimed to extend her sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed, initiated and participated to make the event a success.

The event was attended by singing artistic performances and beautiful theatrical scenes that the kindergartens excelled in presenting (Sabr, and Al-Jaafaria in Al-Waht and Al-Shorouk, M/ Al-Houta), which received the approval of those present. of these presentations expressed the suffering of the children of Gaza in relation to displacement and killing by the Israeli occupation.

The event was attended by Mrs. Arwa Maqtari, Director of the Department of Women and Children in the Local Leadership of the Transitional Council, Lahj Governorate, Mr. Tawfiq Mohsen, Director of Community Participation in the Education Office, Mr. Awad Huwaider , Director of the School Map Department in the Education Office, Dr. Intisar Al-Saqqaf, Director of the Quality and Accreditation Department in the Education Office, and Mr. Muhammad Al-Barhi, Director of the Activity Department in the Education Office Professor Muqbil Al-Salami, Director of the Education Department of Taban, Mrs. Aryaf Muhammad, Head of Activities at the Activities Department, Professor Saleh Muhammad, Head of the Kindergarten Department at Taban Education, and Professor Ali Zain , Education. teachers, the destinations of the region, and the parents.

*By Fahd Al-Iqma

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