Lenovo ThinkPlus X16 TWS wireless headphones with IPX4 protection launched at an affordable price

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launched company Lenovo chinese people Gigantic headphones ear wireless ThinkPlus X16. And come headphones Lenovo new resistance Waterproof According to standard IPX4, Who drawn Cope Circumstances environmental cruel.

Get ready headphones ear Lenovo ThinkPlus X16 TWS of between number growing up of Headphones wireless that Its progress company Electronics. And he comes that after broadcasting headphones Lenovo XT80 in time former of this general.

considered as X16 headphones head permission Totally And weigh everyone Of which 4.5 gram. And he comes style Provided Motorized measurement 14.2 mm Availability Quality employment Tall And clearly when Procedure calls.

complete to stabilize microphone in everyone Headphone and he capable on reduction the noise surrounding.

like allow surface touch For a headset By control smooth in Music or calls. And he arrives age the battery to 20 hour.

Bonus on that help four Lamps LED on an offer condition Shipping can headphones head. And supports headphones head wireless Lenovo X16 new communication Bluetooth 5.2 And availability too time access low.

available headphones Lenovo X16 i have a group of Merchants Retail business With what in that Platforms german, And he informs Its price around 15 euro (~16 $).


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