Local organizations demand the protection of Yemeni children from the Houthis

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Special.

Many local organizations called on the international community to protect the children of Yemen, confirming that 250 serious violations against children were recorded from January to September 2023.

The organizations said, in a joint statement on the occasion of International Children’s Day, which falls on November 20 of each year: “Children in Yemen are suffering from the consequences of the war that has been going on for nine years”, accusing Al-Houthi of of crimes of violations against children in Yemen. The organizations explained that 85 children were monitored for recruitment, and 75 others were killed and maimed, while schools and hospitals were subjected to 45 Houthi attacks, 24 children were kidnapped, 14 children were exposed to violence, and 7 children were prevented from getting help . .

The declaration called for an immediate end to all violations against children, including the killing and maiming of children, their recruitment, violence, kidnapping, and obstruction of humanitarian access.

Calling on the United Nations and the international community to end impunity for violations committed against children, and to establish an international team to investigate all human rights violations in Yemen, including serious violations against children, to ensure accountability. On the other hand, the Swedish Forum for Rights and Development, in collaboration with a number of European and international human rights organizations, celebrated the Winter Light Festival in conjunction with Universal Children’s Day, which included activities, brochures, pictures of children, and live. performances showing the tragedies they suffer from.

He also launched a candlelight march to remember the conditions of Yemeni children who are suffering as a result of the war taking place in the country since the Houthi militia coup. The head of the forum, Bassem Al-Absi, said that they participate in this event to remind the children of Yemen, whom the world ignores, and their right to live a dignified and safe life.

Emphasizing that the Yemenis and their children deserve peace and to live in security, prosperity and prosperity, and the world must press Al-Houthi to accept a just peace that guarantees these rights. For his part, the expert on rights and freedoms, Dr. Wissam Basindwa, said that this event is a continuation of the candle procession, which was launched to illuminate the most prominent squares of European capitals in a vibrant festival that seeks a just peace for the Yemenis. , especially in the light of the mediation efforts led by Saudi Arabia and Oman to press for a long truce that includes solutions to the economic aspects. And humanity.

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