MediaTek announces the Dimensity 8300 chip with generative artificial intelligence

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MediaTek has announced the Dimensity 8300 processor chip, which aims to support mid-range versions of smartphones that have artificial intelligence generation.

The Dimensity 8300 chip uses TSMC’s 4nm manufacturing process, and MediaTek confirms the performance improvements provided in this version.

The chip includes a main Cortex-A715 core at 3.35GHz, with three Cortex-A715 cores at 3GHz, and four Cortex-A510 cores at 2.2GHz.

The Dimensity 8300 chip also has a 20% performance boost and a 30% performance boost compared to the Dimensity 8200 chip.

The processor also includes the Mali-G615 MC6 graphics card, which comes with 60% better performance, with 55% efficiency improvements, so the processor is expected to support better performance in games with fast response.

The Dimensity 8300 chip also comes with a number of other improvements, including 4K video recording at a speed of 60 frames per second with HDR technology. Video recording is also improved at every moment of energy consumption and image quality is improved with AI-Color technology. .

The processor includes an APU 780 AI chip and supports (LLMs) with support for 10 billion factors for generative artificial intelligence, which allows real-time translation, text summing and creation of creative texts.

The chip Dimensity 8300 also has the function of supporting Wi-Fi 6E technology, Bluetooth 5.4, and supports a screen with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz at screen quality WQHD+, and 180Hz refresh rate at screen quality FHD + and the processor. is scheduled to be available on the Redmi K70e phone initially.


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