Muhammad Al-Nakhai is a living figure in the revolutionary struggle Thank you, Al-Malishi wrote

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When I begin to leave all that science and the revolutionary media glorifying the principle of craftsmanship and professionalism on bare paper and the gains of inherited struggle, I find that mind and logic as revolutionary philosophy and revolutionary and militant law which is permissible in the law of the revolution and the national thought that all revolutionaries and fighters were damaged.

From the first generation, everyone realized that the revolutionary forces and political leadership possess the wisdom of the revolution and the logic of revolutionary and emerging thought with the imagination of the southern revolution, which was put on the paths of their solid and rough leadership, who fought in the deserts of the south, and the squares paid the price for the reaction of the revolution, and what the revolutionaries wanted, so there is no forum for my pen and writing about a revolutionary. South, which witnessed the principle of the southern revolution since its foundation and the emergence of its revolution. He is the southern political man, Muhammad al-Nakha’i, from an ancient family of southern passion and identity, and he despised the agents and the oppressed. Everyone should know that the son of the revolution son participated in all his revolutionary participation as a leader and politician before he was that humble man with the principle and revolutionary struggle in some revolutionary arenas. And the leadership in the south since the beginning of our southern revolution.

The man participated in the fight against the brutal enemy against the South and its interests. Let us forget that the solid leader Al-Khader Muhammad lived for years in the prisons of the former regime and its mercenaries. The traitors and liars should fear this political . man and the man of the revolution who experienced all kinds of pain under the occupation prisons in all his glory. I cannot explain everything that the southern leader did. Muhammad Al-Nakhai, I will not appreciate what he did in all the revolutionary arenas of the south, which explained the details of the man’s leadership and the leadership role, completing all his leadership actions in all arenas of the southern revolution since its founding.

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