Oh the nation Written by Ahmed Al-Jaashani

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Oh, the humiliation of the nation, it strikes Gaza before our eyes and the eyes of the world, it violates sanctities, children and women are killed, just as it violated Iraq when it killed the white bull, and knives and slaughter continued in the nation, Syria, Libya and Yemen, and we are under the peace treaty with the Zionist entity, and instead of one hand, we have become separate hands, and what yesterday is today, despite The events that follow are a conflict and there is no place for comparison between the Arab war with the Zionist entity when we were one nation and what is happening in terms of reconciliation and the request for peace by the Arabs with Israel, the historical enemy of the Arab and Muslim nation, for goodness sake. of power and control. The Zionist entity and the Americans exploited that in the neutrality of Egypt and the strength of the nation. Egypt: Salah al-Din and al-Zahir Baybars.

What is happening now in our nation, Syria, Libya and Yemen, is a witness to this. America was able to implement the plan of the Zionist entity to defeat the Arabs. It is not in my hand, in Omar’s hands. That is the point. . They made us murderers and created terrorism in us. We kill each other, and we are afflicted with fear and terror. We scatter and flee in fear and alarm. They come as refugees, asking for fever and safety, while They are the ones. who put poison in the honey and they are the ones who planned this strife between the Arab nation and the isolation of the Arab and Muslim nation and redrew the Sais-Picot agreement by dividing the divisions and dividing the great Arab countries by religious sects and ethnic . minorities, and as the great writer Muhammad Hassanein Heikal said in his previous article, the plan of the East The Greater Middle East was prepared since 1983 AD to secure the State of Israel and protect it from the growth of the Arab countries around Israel, especially Egypt , Iraq and Syria, the countries of encirclement and confrontation after the October war. If we reconsider what is happening now in the Arab region and the Arab conflict, we will find that we are facing a scenario that was prepared before and that its implementation. came now and that All the data and evidence indicate this, starting with the Iraq war between the Sunni-Shiite sects, under American-Zionist supervision, and the war in Yemen between a minority of the Shiite sect and its control over the reins of the government. , to put pressure on its regional surroundings of the Gulf States, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the country of the Two Holy Mosques and the oil-rich Gulf States, and to make Islam a source of Terrorism put the Arab Muslim. between the hammer and the anvil. He cannot say: “I am a Muslim and Islam is innocent of terrorism and the war in Libya, Syria and Yemen, which did not stop until the terrorist groups reached the depths of Egypt, the most important Arab.” country.” In a previous article called “Limos de Sango”, by the great writer Najib Yabli, who lost his pen. He explained in it (that the role of American intelligence work in the region and Condoleezza’s speech is that she adopted the concept). of creative chaos in the Middle East in her article in the Washington Post newspaper, and the meaning of creative chaos is the creation of chaos and civil disobedience against the ruling regimes and encouraging ethnic minorities and sectarian sects to come out armed. Against the ruler, what happened in the name of the Arab Spring.)

In the middle of the seventies or its end, a creative Arab poet who was called the Prince of Rejection Poets, Amal Dunqul, appeared before us in a wonderful poem. It was a clear signal and landmark to reject this humiliation and humiliation in a treaty designed by the Zionists and the Americans at Camp David, a peace treaty with the Zionist entity and the band of slavery and extortion of the Americans, and he said a word in it. The nation in his wonderful poem, “There is no reconciliation,” and in it “

Do not reconcile even if they give you gold

Do you see when I bawl your eyes out?

Then he fixed two gems in their place.

Do you see..? These are things that cannot be bought… and until the end of the poem, which is a long poem in ten parts. This poem was published while Egypt was then Sadat’s Egypt signing the peace treaty with the Israeli entity. This poem was a sincere and conscientious expression of the Arab nation’s rejection of this treaty, the ill-fated Camp David Treaty, after the great victory achieved by Egypt and the Arabs in the war, and it had a great impact on our souls when we were students. It spread and became famous among us as students, and it was repeated on Arab radio and television after the Arab boycott, and I felt that this poem fulfilled what was in our souls. Thus, this treaty remained like a nail in the side of the Arabs, and the Zionist entity and the West benefited from the treaty in favor of the neutrality of Egypt, the Arab nation, the face of civilization and the core of the Arab and Muslim nation, and its strength is the best soldier on earth.

Perhaps one of the most important problems that the American Zionist Jews and the European world have exploited in us, the Arab nation, is that until now we have not been able, through this long journey, which may have exceeded half a century and more, since independence of the Arab countries and the end of the foreign occupation in them, that we did not care about the generation, we did not plant hope for the future, and we did not care about education. We were not a model, except in corruption. and the struggle for power.

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