Reformist leader reveals international movements to strike the Houthis

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

A prominent politician and leader in the Yemeni Islah Party revealed plans to launch a military strike against the Houthi militia, in partnership with international parties, in the coming days… clarifying the real purpose of the ongoing negotiations in Riyadh.

The reformist leader, Abdo Salem, said in a post on Facebook, “It is difficult to say the failure or success of the peace talks in Riyadh, because they basically aim to strengthen Houthi resistance and rejection of peace paths and negotiations.”

He added that “the negotiations, Houthi resistance and rejection of peaceful paths come as a prelude to opening a procedural path to deal with this resistance through political, legal and security formulas in partnership with international parties, within comprehensive arrangements that the region can to testify in the coming days,” as he said.

Earlier, Abdo Salem claimed that “peace with the Houthis has become distant, the humanitarian file has become hesitant and embarrassing, the missions of the coalition in Yemen are stopped, the return of the war is unlikely from the point of view of some, and regional developments are in interaction, and the coalition is divided against itself, and the last… “Gaza has regional consequences.”

He pointed out that “Yemen is considered the most important time of regional conflict, and the Yemen file, according to the American request, should be closed before the end of this year, and the situation with all its complexities exceeds the capabilities of the Presidential Council.”

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