Shabwa’s interim chairman witnesses a military parade to mark the graduation of the first batch of Thunderbolts in the county.

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Shabwa (Aden of Tomorrow) Special:

Today, Al-Alam Camp, northeast of the city of Ataq, attended the graduation ceremony of the first batch of Al-Sa’iqa Forces, Shabwa Governorate.

In the ceremony, which was attended by many political, military and security leaders, led by Mr. Abdulaziz Mahdi bin Laksar, Chairman of the Executive Body of the Southern Transitional Council, Shabwa Governorate, Brigadier Ali Al-Kulaibi, Commander of the Shabwa Defense Brigades , and Deputy Commander of the Joint Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Aseel bin Rashid Al-Qit, some speeches were made to the President of the Executive Committee of the Transitional Council, Abdulaziz bin Laksar and the commander of the Shabwa Defense Brigades, as well as the training staff, expressed his congratulations and blessings to the graduates of the course.

The Chairman of the Executive Board, Mr. Abdulaziz Mahdi bin Laksar, conveyed the greetings of Major General Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, emphasizing the need for graduates to translate knowledge, theoretical and applied sciences, combat skills, and to be vigilant and have a sense of security, especially in light of the security challenges and risks facing Shabwa Governorate.

Bin Laksar emphasized that the graduates of the course are the shield of Shabwa, praising the role of the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in qualifying and building the southern armed forces.

In the ceremony, a speech was also made about the graduates, affirming the promise and loyalty that they will always remain faithful guardians of the homeland, its achievements and the sons of the southern people.

The graduation ceremony included the recital of two poetic poems, which those present appreciated.

The graduation ceremony witnessed a majestic military parade in which troops of the Thunderbolt Forces demonstrated their efficiency and high ability to perform all tasks with great physical and tactical skill.

The director of the transitional executive office of the governorate, Abdulaziz Al-Hajj, and of the media department of the executive body, Muhammad Al-Ashla, participated in the ceremony.

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