Sheikh Bin Habrish meets with the youth of the Ba’abad family in Al-Shahr

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Sheikh Amr bin Habrish Al-Ali, First Deputy Secretary of Hadhramaut Governorate, President of the Hadhramaut Tribal Alliance, President of the Hadhramaut Inclusive Conference, affirmed that Hadhramaut and the dignity of its people and raising its status is the goal of all of us, calling. on young people and various segments of society to contribute an active role in strengthening the social fabric, and to work on everything that serves the people of Hadhramaut.society and achieving their aspirations.

This happened during his meeting today at his headquarters in Mukalla, with the position of Muhammad Omar Baabad and some young people from the Baabad family in the city of Al-Shehr.

During the meeting, Sheikh Bin Habrish welcomed everyone, stressing the importance of everyone joining Hadhramaut and that it be in the leadership and able to manage its people’s administrative and security affairs, maintain their legitimate rights and reject all manifestations that disturb security. , stability and public tranquility, and for Hadhramaut and its interests to remain present in the list of priorities.

In turn, representatives of the Al-Baabad youth expressed their happiness for meeting Sheikh Amr bin Habrish, and announced their support for his courageous position in his statement, in which he called on the Presidential Leadership Council to form an impartial investigation team regarding the slander. and targeting him was submitted, expressing their categorical rejection of any insult affecting the national and battle symbols of Hadhramaut. And confronting anyone who dares to harm Hadhramaut and its soil.

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