The agents of Aden, “Sha’i” and “Al-Maflahi”, inaugurate the “Safina Tower” hotel in the Mansoura District

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Today, Tuesday, the Undersecretaries of the capital, Aden, Dr. Rashad Saleh Shaye and Muhammad Saeed Al-Maflahi, opened the “Safina Tower” Hotel in the Mansoura District, with an investment cost of 3 million dollars.

After the ribbon was cut, Aden’s agents, “Dr. Shaye’i” and “Al-Maflahi”, walked around the hotel, listening to the investor and owner of the hotel, Sheikh Abdul-Jalil Abdul-Salam Al- Marisi, until a comprehensive explanation of the hotel located in the Smurfs area, which consists of eight floors and contains “70 rooms and 12 suites, in addition to high-level hotel services, expressing his thanks and appreciation to the leadership of the local authority in the capital. , Aden , and the Mansoura District, for the excellent facilities they provide to investors and their official sponsorship of the private sector, and what they provided to him during the preparation and opening of the hotel.

The two agents of the capital, Aden, Dr. Rashad Shaye, and Muhammad Al-Muflhi, expressed their overwhelming happiness at the opening of this hotel – which is one of the tourism and hotel projects – because it represents a tourist tributary and a new . besides the capital, Aden in general, and the Mansoura District in particular, not to mention It also provides job opportunities for young people.

The two undersecretaries of Aden, Dr. Rashad Saleh Shaye and Muhammad Saeed Al-Maflahi, praised the direction of national capital to invest in the country, especially in promising sectors, including tourism, underlining the zeal of the leadership of the local authority in the country capital, represented by His Excellency the Minister of State – Governor of Aden – Ahmed Hamid Lamlas. To provide the necessary facilities to establish such investment projects that benefit the investor and the national economy and provide job opportunities for young people in the capital, Aden.

For his part, the Director of the Tourism Office in the Directorate of Mansoura, Ali Qasim Al-Salafi, called on merchants and traders to invest and establish essential, commercial and tourism projects to push the wheel of development and revive the economic movement, emphasizing. the readiness of the leadership of the board, represented by its general manager, Ahmed Ali Al-Daoudi, for his constant zeal to Provide all support and facilities to investors.

The opening was attended by the Director of the Cairo Police in the Mansoura District, Colonel Muhammad Omar, the Director of the Office of Public Buildings and Roads in the Board, Engineer Raafat Kokti, the Deputy Director of the Tourism Office in Mansoura, Khaled Al-Hilali , the businessman and financier, Sheikh Saleh Mohsen Barahma, and others.

*By Muhammad Al-Qadiri

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