The anniversary of the martyrdom of the symbol of jihad.!!| Written by Mansour Belaidi

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Today is the 88th anniversary of the martyrdom of the symbol of jihad and martyrdom, the Syrian Sheikh Izz al-Din al-Qassam
Who was martyred on November 20, 1935 AD
Al-Qassam spent many years waging jihad against the French in Syria until he was displaced to Palestine to continue his jihad against the British before they handed Palestine over to the usurping Jews.
Madamek established the understanding of jihad and its importance in the Palestinian memory, so that the seeds of that seed would germinate in the Palestinian land, and its fruits would appear in the form of youthful arms carrying that religious heritage that many had abandoned, and it was captured from the hands of the youth of Palestine, rebelling against the brutal occupation.

Today, the disciples of Al-Qassam carry the banner of holy jihad against the Zionists, remembering his martyrdom together with the memory of commemorating the obligation of jihad according to its origins, as in the time of the good companions and followers.
They are restoring jihad to its status and to the nation its lost prestige and its hope in restoring Islamic sanctities and its aspirations for the sovereignty and leadership it once had.

The Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood destroyed what the Zionist occupation built in 70 years within days … and it will destroy all the plans and conspiracies of the enemies to support the Zionists in an attempt to restore their balance after they lost it with the a painful blow they received last October 7, which destroyed their expansionist dreams.

In a significant reference, political analyst Abdul Raqeeb Al-Hadiani asks: Will Hamas celebrate the occasion today in its powerful way?!
Good question.. and its answer is in the arsenal of the Palestinian resistance, which we expect more of.

The Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood opened a door that will not be forgotten unless all of Palestine is liberated.
The indicators and data on the ground say: The Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood will inevitably have its consequences.

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