The Dhale Transition Organization continues its field visits to the transition districts

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Al-Dhalea (Aden of tomorrow) Specialty:

Brother Arif Muhammad Saleh Al-Shaeri, Head of the Organization Department of the Executive Body of the Southern Transitional Council, Al-Dhalea Governorate, visited the Executive Leadership of the Transitional Council, Jahaf District.
He was received at the headquarters of the council by Colonel Abdel Nasser Al-Tabaqi, head of the local leadership, and the two brothers Adnan Salah, the organizing official, and Abdel Salam Qasim, the media official.

During the disembarkation, the brother, the head of the organizational administration for the transition of the county, listened to a detailed explanation from the brother, the head of the executive body of the directorate, about the general work done, as well as about the concerns and difficulties . which prevent the conduct of the tasks assigned to the executive body of the board of directors.

For his part, the brother, Head of the Organizational Department, praised the size of the administrative organization that he witnessed during his visit, the level of commitment to directives, carrying out tasks, holding periodical, quarterly and annual meetings, and devising appropriate meetings. decisions and recommendations.

Mr. Arif Al-Shaeri, Head of the Organization Department, appreciated the efforts made by the leadership of the Executive Board and its various departments for their follow-up, organization, filing and implementation of work.
It is worth noting that the organizational management of the transition department of the county has prepared a plan to go to the executive bodies in the boards to review the work and identify the difficulties.

*By Abdul Salam Qasim

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