The economic media welcome the announcement of the Governor of Taiz to activate the Economic Council and praise the development plan for the governorate.

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Special.

The Center for Studies and Economic Media praised the launch of the economic and social development plan for Taiz Governorate 2024-2026, during the consultative workshop that took place on November 18 and 19, 2023 in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, as extension of what was announced in June 2023 in Taiz, in the presence of representatives. More than 30 UN and international organizations, and representatives of local authorities, the private sector and civil society organizations.

The Center welcomed the announcement by the Governor of Taiz Governorate, Mr. Nabil Shamsan, on the activation of the local economic council and the importance of starting to implement the ambitious plan for Taiz, which adopts a shift from relief work to sustainable development, and focuses on essential projects in the county such as the port and airport of Mokha, wind farms, solar energy and labor. To revive agricultural cooperative societies in districts of Taiz.

The Center appreciated the openness of the local authority in the county, represented by the governor of the county, Mr. Nabil Shamsan, and the Office of Planning and International Cooperation in the county, represented by the Director General, Nabil Jamel, and his team. , to all the proposals presented, and its eagerness to facilitate procedures, and to invite specialists, including businessmen and civil society organizations specialized in the field of economy and development. Effective and influential community work.

The center explained in a statement that creating a development model in Taiz by developing the county’s development plan with the support of the United Nations and donor countries and with the participation of the private sector, civil society organizations and local authorities, represents an urgent need and a foundation that must be built during the next stage, especially in the light of the promises of the organizations. International and private sectors provide the necessary support for the success of the four tracks included in the plan. The plan, with its implications for transitioning from relief work to development, also represents a necessary requirement that the Center for Studies and Economic Media has long demanded in the light of its vision for economic recovery and reconstruction.

The statement emphasized the importance of continuing these efforts during the next phase, by developing a clear working mechanism and a chronic plan to implement what was included in the plan, with the active participation of the private sector and civil society organizations, so that it serves to cause developmental change in all sectors in the county.

The statement also assessed the role of the private sector, which was reflected in the notable presence of businessmen and business houses in this workshop, and their initiative to announce large amounts of financing for small projects, including the announcement of Al-Kuraimi Islamic Bank double the portfolio for financing small projects from 5 billion riyals to ten billion. The Islamic Solidarity Bank announced the allocation of 3 billion riyals to finance small and medium enterprises in Taiz, which contributes to strengthening economic development and increasing community cohesion in the county that suffered; difficult conditions for the past eight years.

The statement added: Such a step by the private sector and its pioneers moves the wheel forward and encourages more investment and adventure to revive the role of the private sector in Taiz Governorate, which has played important roles over the past decades and made brilliant contributions in all fields .

The statement welcomed the clear path included in the plan to strengthen the partnership between the local authority and the private sector, and emphasized the need to translate this partnership into a practical path that includes participation in making policies and plans and start implementing joint projects. He also evaluated the proposal to establish a public stock company in which the local community, expatriates, and the private sector would contribute to implement strategic projects in Taiz.

The Center also emphasized the continuation of its role as a think tank in continuing to provide all knowledge support, and engage in activities supporting the implementation of the plan as an important opportunity to bring about developmental transformation in the county, especially since the Center has been operating. during the last period to provide many visions and policies on the most prominent economic challenges and in partnership with organizations. International operating in Yemen.

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