The Gaza war made Yemenis feel their pain Written by Nayel Arif Al-Emadi

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Yemen is going through the worst humanitarian crisis that Yemen has known for decades. It was a humanitarian crisis that was caused by the terrorist Houthi militia, which today claims to have supported the oppressed in Gaza. It committed the most ugly and dirty crimes against the Yemenis during the past years. Thousands of Yemenis are displaced in all the capitals of the world, the crisis of the Yemenis is no less important than what the people of Gaza suffer, through the various tools of killing, methods. of extermination, and reasons for displacement. The Palestinian people were killed by Zionists who claim divine election and that they are God’s chosen people, and the Yemenis were killed by Yemenis who claim divine election and that they are the tribes of the Chosen One ( peace and blessings be upon him). With the beginning of the war in Gaza, the Yemeni people forgot their pain and problems and devoted themselves to following the concerns of the people in Gaza and interacting with the news coming from there. God bless. the Yemeni people, despite the severity of life and the economic crisis, it is a firm, struggling, patient and compassionate people. For nine years the Yemeni people have been swallowing suffering and humiliation from the militia. The Houthis terrorists in the north and a corrupt government in the south made the Yemeni people eat out of garbage barrels.

The war in Gaza will end, but there is no end to the war in Yemen, and there is no solution to the Yemeni crisis over the horizon. Palestinian liberation is closer than the liberation of Sana’a, someone says, so peace be upon the people of Yemen . The Messenger was truthful when he said (the people of Yemen are the softest of our hearts and the softest of our hearts)

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