The General Administration of Compensatory Education is organizing an enrichment workshop for the teacher employment guide for educational leaders in the Ministry of Education.

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Under the patronage of Minister Tariq Salem Al-Akbari, the Ministry of Education, represented by the General Administration of Compensatory Education, organized, this Tuesday morning, an enrichment workshop for the teacher recruitment guide for educational leaders in the Ministry of Education in Aden Governorate. during the period from November 21 to 23, 2023 AD, in partnership with CARE International and funded by the Agency for Economic Cooperation and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The workshop was opened by a speech delivered by the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Education for the Curriculum Sector, Dr. Abdul-Ghani Al-Shouzbi, in which he welcomed all the participants, each by name and capacity, conveying to them the greetings of the Minister of Education, Mr. Tariq Al-Akbari, and his wishes that they succeed and come with applicable results on the ground.

For his part, the General Director of Compensatory Education at the Ministry of Education, Dr. Arif Al-Qutaybi, got to know all the participants, giving them a detailed explanation of the workshop to enrich the guide for hiring teachers and its great importance for them while working on the ground

Dr. Arif emphasized to the participants the importance of benefiting from this workshop, and applying everything they learn realistically, in a way that is consistent with all the results. He emphasized that the purpose of this workshop is to improve the role of education in the optimal way. way, and codify its standards in a way that achieves job security for teachers, whether they are employees or contractors, to achieve improved The quality of their activity to ensure improved student results.

The three-day enrichment workshop for the teacher recruitment guide targeted 24 participants from the leadership of the Ministry of Education and the Higher Institute.

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