The Governor of Al-Mahra presides over a meeting of the Security Committee to discuss the general security situation in the governorate

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Today, His Excellency Mr. Muhammad Ali Yasser, Governor of Al-Mahra Governorate, chaired a meeting of the security committee of the governorate to discuss the general security situation in the governorate, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Local Council, S- ro. Salem Abdullah Nemer.

At the beginning of the meeting, which was attended by the first deputy governor, Brigadier General Dr. Mukhtar bin Awaid Al-Jaafari, the governor welcomed the members of the security committee, appreciating the great efforts made by the leaders of the security and military. services in maintaining security, stability of the governorate, and public tranquility.

The governor emphasized the importance of customs agents and Sarfit, because they are considered a front for the country and the economic lung that Yemen breathes, emphasizing the need to engage and activate the security and military side at the port and carry out tasks, each inside. its field of competence.. The governor directed to arrest and hold accountable anyone who violates the law, whoever he may be.

The meeting discussed a number of issues related to the security aspects of customs, coordination and cooperation efforts between various security and military agencies, correcting security imbalances, and determining the jurisdiction of each party to prevent interference in tasks, which contributes to strengthening security procedures and improving the performance in customs. The meeting emphasized the need to integrate security and military efforts and the need to maintain legal and administrative status.

The meeting emerged with a number of decisions aimed at strengthening security at customs and checking security imbalances.

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